Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I found this interesting, especially coming off the blown signing of Yoan Moncada.  Apparently the Yankees track record of dragging their feet and not signing obvious players is a bad habit.  I blame Yankee brass who is pre-occupied with empty seats  the last 2 seasons.  Here's how I see it:
When you don't see the big picture, the fans stop coming and things start to crumble.  When things start to crumble, you see cracks in the walls. When you see cracks in the walls, you see players that could be signed through those cracks. When you see players that could be signed in those cracks and don't sign them, they get signed by other teams and your empty house falls down.... don't let your empty house fall down... get rid of cable and call DirecTV today.  
OK, OK... I tried to be funny playing off the great Ad campaign by DirecTV.

Seriously though, it sucks.  Yankee brass and Brian Cashman need to wake up.

Back in Seprember, McCarthy told reporters that returning to the Yankees "would be hard to turn down." It was clear then that McCarthy and the Yankees just needed too make a deal.

That never happened, and now, months later and on the Dodgers, he said this, and the New York Daily News has it:

“In my mind, I thought it definitely was going to be the case,” he says, sitting at his locker at the Dodgers’ complex. “At least that’s where I was saying I wanted to go. At that point, I wasn’t considering anywhere else. It was perfect. It’s the Yankees. You don’t think money is going to be an issue. This is just going to be, ‘we’ll just find a way to make this fit.’”

This speaks volumes to me. The Yankees need to figure out their money trouble quickly, because if they don't, we'll not only be the laughing stock of the American League East... fans, as much as we love our team... will stop coming to the Bronx.  Why? Because the stars won't be stars at all. And we won't be winners. We'll be a bunch of guys clumped together with a bow around us and sold as "a winning team".

We're the Yankees.  That won't fly for us fans, will it?

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