Saturday, February 7, 2015


Let's pretend that 100% of us are forgiving individuals.  No matter how many times we've been burned by a friend or acquaintance... or in this case, an athlete... let's pretend that forgiveness is in every single person's DNA.

There...  don't you feel better now about forgiving Alex Rodriguez?

I know. It's not that easy. People are still pissed.  Haters will never change their minds. Me? I just want Alex Rodriguez to hit again. I just want him to actually do something good for the New York Yankees. I want him to produce.  Why? Well, because after this entire mess of Biogenesis and lies... I'm kind of over the whole thing.

Plus, when you think about it,  what the hell did Alex do to me directly anyway? He didn't kill my best friend and he sure as hell didn't destroy my friendship with him. That's because I don't know the guy.  I just know what I see and read... and trust me, I read everything. I read the stories that rip him to shreds. I read the complimentary stories, and there aren't many.  You know what else I read?  I read his own personal Facebook page.

It makes me realize that the guy's human.  And when I read that he wanted to apologize to the Yankees, and maybe the fans, I felt like maybe... just maybe, the guy was figuring it out. That's right, as foolish as he was, he knew it was time to clear the air. Sure, he's done that a couple times, but after the suspension and him disappearing from baseball for a while, it's time.

And I'm not the only one who agrees. Many fans do and even Brian Cashman has agreed to meet with Alex Rodriguez to "clear the air", read HERE. According to LoHud:

"Yankees general manager Brian Cashman, speaking to reporters before the Connecticut Sports Foundation dinner Friday in Uncasville, said the planned meeting was discussed a day earlier when he and assistant general manager Jean Afterman spoke with Jim Sharp, a lawyer for Rodriguez. The intended meeting was first reported by the Boston Globe.

'Alex considers everything with the Yankees to be family business, and family business stays within the family,' spokesman Ron Berkowitz said in an email.

Rodriguez first sounded out the Yankees about a possible meeting earlier in the offseason, but New York held off then."

It appears that a meeting of some sort will take place.  It's a way to clear the air. After all, these people have to work with each other, and if the Yankees can get back on their investment, then, that works out well for both parties.

David Cone sounded off about ARod and what he believes he can do to contribute. had a nice write up and here's a portion of that:

"'As far as the external issues, the steroids issues, that's something that's not going away,' Cone said.  'Yeah it's going to be a distraction, but the Yankees are prepared for that.'

When asked if he's ready to play, Cone said, 'I wouldn't put it past him...If he can get three or four hundred at-bats and stay healthy, he's a 15-20 home run guy.'"

Bottom line, the time has come... Alex is coming back.  We need to move on as a fan base and accept what we have, and try and move forward and win a championship, WITH Alex Rodriguez. 

Many of you hate Alex Rodriguez... I get it, but again, I ask a question... what the hell has Alex Rodriguez done to you?  Sure, he tarnished the pinstripes, I've heard that argument for months. It's the "die-hard" fans who tell me that I "must not be a real fan, because" I don't understand what the Yankees pinstripes mean.  I don't? Don't be silly.  I turn it back on you... you tell me that Alex Rodriguez "tarnished the pinstripes" and he's "disgraceful", but it's happened before you know... 

Chad Curtis is in jail for inappropriate touching of teenage girls, read HERE.  Let me tell you something, that's messed up and it's a helluva lot more concerning to me than Alex Rodriguez sticking a needle in his own ass.

Mel Hall is literally a convicted child sex predator... have we forgotten?  There are crimes and prison time for Yankee players of the past, and hey, I'm not about to give you every example out there, but my point is simple... Alex Rodriguez lied to the fans and the New York Yankees more than once about PEDs, but he never sexually assaulted anyone, sure as hell didn't murder anyone, and in the end, served his time.

We are in the maturing phase of ARod now.  We are in the "lessons learned" phase... at least for me that is.

When you talk of tarnishing the pinstripes... sure, add Alex in if you want, but don't forget about the others who did much worse.  In the end, Alex is a ballplayer who made very, very bad choices, but he's also a father and son and a human being who now needs to be on the path to fix what he broke.  I believe in forgiveness.  Sure, it's not easy, but in this crazy world, why be angry all the time. Alex, whether you like him or not is going to no doubt apologize to the Yankees and has a hope to move forward.  He should also apologize to the fans, but that's another post for another time.  In the meantime, let it happen... and let's get passed the nonsense already.

Alex is at the fork in the road.  The left is us fans and the Yankees and the championship that he could win with us this upcoming season. 

The right is the road the hell.  Being cut from the Yankees, walking away from a game that he loved, all because he made some really stupid choices and was blacklisted.  But if I know Alex the way I think I do, I know he's not about to walk away. That's because he wants to prove  to the world, with that ego he has, that he misses the game, loves the Yankees and is finally sorry for what he did.

My choice is to forgive and move on... what's your choice?

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