Saturday, February 14, 2015


My day yesterday was simple; Get through the day, have an outstanding dinner with my wife and "get to the show".  The show, of course was the one and only Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record who is not only a terrific sports writer, but has the "voice of an angel".

Yup, that was my obnoxious tweet last night but here's the truth; Pete's singing is outstanding!  In a world where you hear rap music and pop that sticks in your head way too long, it's nice to know that you can kick back at the Carnegie Club, and listen to the classics from Pete... Come Fly with Me... Tangerine... My Blue Heaven.

I know, the younger people that are reading this think I'm 80.  I'm not, I am in tune with great music and when Pete presents it, it brings me back to my childhood... going to my grandparents house and hearing it in the background.

Or, watching my dad put a Sinatra record on in the living room on a Sunday in April with the weather breaking and the windows open.  You hear Strangers in the Night, and the wind slowly blows the curtains... that's home for me and Pete does it better than anyone.

The bar was full of all ages and Pete works the room like he's one of the Rat Pack.  He's got an incredible group of musicians behind him and they almost make it look too easy.  I remember as a kid, I'd watch musicians blow or play the drums and think, "Man, I'd love to do that...", but without practice, it ain't happening.  These guys must have practiced an awful lot, because as I watch Pete belt out his tune... I was equally fascinated with the way these guys played.  Never making a mistake... always having Pete's back.

This has nothing to do with the Yankees. I has everything to do about talent.  Pete's top notch... not only in his writing, that's where I first started following him, but with his singing.  The dude's the best, and I can honestly say that it's true about what they say about doing something you love...

If you have a passion, run with it, because what you get back is always sweeter.  Pete entertained a full room of cigar smoking, wine drinking patrons last night... many mouthing the words of songs we all grew up with... and in the end, Pete is fulfilling his passion and we're all smiling and rooting him on.

Pete will be at the Carnegie Club again on April 24th.  We will be there... you should too.

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