Friday, February 20, 2015


 I know what you're thinking... you read the title and vomited in your mouth alittle.   Trust me... there's a story here...

Today is Spring Training and Joe Girardi had his press conference.  I have never liked Joe Girardi press conferences. That's because he speaks like a politician.  I love GI Joe, but he has never really given us anything.  Here are some quotes regardless... probably because I'm just happy to officially kick off Spring Training:

On the 2015 Yankees Spring Training:
"My observation on this team is, it's probably going to be as competitive a camp as I've been in just because of all the new players and the young players and the spots that are open here. That is a little bit different than what we've been used to."

On CC Sabathia's knee:

"You can start with CC... Until you really get him into the rigors of pitching every fifth day, possibly going three or four turns on regular rest, you are not exactly sure how that knee is going to fare. We feel good about it. We feel good about where he is at right now, but pitching in games is different."
On Didi Gregorius:
"We expect Didi (Gregorius) to be our shortstop... You incorporate a young player in Didi Gregorius; we believe there’s a lot of talent there. He’s going to be able to help us defensively as well as offensively."

On Alex Rodriguez:
"He's on our roster... But I think you have to prove yourself, in a sense, for playing time, how you fit in, because we really haven't seen him play for (most of) two years, and we really don't know where he's at. It's something that I think he has to prove."

On an older Carlos Beltran and Mark Teixeira:
"I think with a healthy Carlos Beltran and a healthy Mark Teixeira, we expect more production."

On a 6 man rotation:
"It’s something that we will talk about. As far as having a six-man rotation all the time, no, but if you get into some long stretches where you’re playing 18 days in a row, could we interject a sixth starter for a start to give the guys an extra day’s rest? Absolutely."

On two closers in Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller:
"I think you could do that... We would like to iron it out. We would love to iron it out. But I think you have to see how people react."
And worst question of the day I believe came from Andrew Marchand. At least I think it was Marchand... "How do you think ARod will mentally cope without steroids this season?" Um... what? I got mad... that was silly. I tweeted this:
I'm a Marchand fan... but come on Andrew, you're better than that.

Girardi didn't offer much of anything today despite what news outlets and blogs will tell you.  We're giving you straight talk.  Joe gave us what us fans already knew. But look, I gotta tell you something... it was good to know that Spring Training officially kicked off today. It was good to see Joe!

Now the stories will pick up on BYB... look for them all weekend and beyond....

Welcome baseball, you were missed!

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