Friday, February 13, 2015


I wanted to point out an article real fast from NewsOK about J.R. Hensley, younger brother of Ty Hensley and an equally athletic kid with a lot of drive and alot of dedication to his craft... football.  J.R. has signed on to play for the University of Hawaii. Congrats to him!

Now, there must be something in the Oklahoma water, or maybe it's just coming out of the Hensley's tap, because I totally appreciate the way Marci and Mike Hensley have raised their kids and it just goes to show, much like we spoke of Doctor Charles and Dot Jeter, a good upbringing will provide not only a stable enviorment for children, but an environment reeking of encouragement, nurturing and the tools needed to work hard to climb the mountain of life.  I have spoke of this often, complimenting the Hensleys, but going further and applauding the Posadas, the Sabathias, the Bichettes and many others that we've chatted with over our 4 years.

Now, back to that NewsOK article:

"...J.R. Hensley signed his National Letter of Intent to play college football at Hawaii in front of the Edmond Santa Fe student body, bringing to end an odd few days and setting up a future in paradise.
Hensley then told the crowd with tears that the best day of his life came when Ty was drafted in the first round of the 2012 MLB Draft by the New York Yankees.

'When my brother got drafted, I looked up to him so much and the amount of work he put in to get to the place he was,' Hensley said. 'He was already a tremendous athlete his junior year, but he realized if he wanted to achieve his dreams and get drafted in the spot he wanted to get drafted at he would have to work, work, work, and he did. He did everything he possibly could to get there and it came true. That was the coolest thing I’ve seen in my entire life.'”

You want to understand a true family bond? Understand that signing day was J.R. Hensley's day... and he made sure he talked about his favorite family moment... when his brother signed with the Yankees.  Not only that... what really got me was reading what he said about Ty... just these few words:

"I looked up to him so much and the amount of work he put in to get to the place he was..."

Think about that.  If I could make shirts and sell it with that sentence on it, I would, because it's powerful.  That's a younger brother admiring what an older brother accomplished, and following in his footsteps.  Not only is Ty a role model, but again... tip your cap to the Hensley parents.

Congrats to J.R., and continued success to Ty.

And just so our BYB audience is aware, we have some fun stuff coming down the pike with the Hensleys, and we'll bring them to you soon. It's gonna be alot of fun... just in time for baseball season.

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