Thursday, February 12, 2015


It’s nothing personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business.

At least that’s what Max Scherzer wanted Tigers fans to know after conducting his first Detroit radio appearance since signing a seven year contract with the Washington Nationals for a cool $210 million.
"It was about a business decision and trying to maximize what I was worth,” Scherzer explained to WDFN last week...

The business part of the game is ugly. I’ve seen so many of my friends get cut and released and all taken advantage of because at the end of the day, we say it’s the business part of the game. I just took advantage of the business side of the game to benefit me.”

The deal makes Scherzer the highest paid right-handed pitcher in the game. It’s also angered a lot of Tigers fans who feel Scherzer dissed Detroit for the promise of a bigger pay day.

Though Scherzer stated that he left the Motor City for the money (Detroit offered him $144 million before he opted for free agency), the pitcher said in his interview that he decided to take his chances as a free agent because he wanted to play for a team that could win.

So which is it? The money or desire to win? Does it really matter now?

I have no problem when players go after the big paycheck. If the market determines that is their worth, than by all means, go for it. Scherzer is one of the top performing pitchers in the AL and he’ll get to play on a Nationals team that has a stronger bullpen to support him.

What’s more bothersome is when teams overpay on these long-term deals with aging players that are probably a few years from burning out (Scherzer will turn 31 this season). They historically don’t pan out well for the team and jeopardize their future ability to sign younger talent. Look at how well the Albert Pujols deal has worked for the Angels.

It’s no surprise that Scott Boras is also Scherzer’s agent and was behind the deal with the Nationals. The agent represents six other players on the team including Jayson Werth, Stephen Strasburg, and Bryce Harper. Boras was once ranked #1 by Forbes for agents who rip off teams the most.

Time will tell if the Scherzer deal will be a rip off for the Nationals, but hey, it’s all part of the business of baseball, right?

--Alexis Garcia, BYB's "Eye on MLB" Columnist
Twitter:  @heylexyg

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