Saturday, February 7, 2015


Quick, get Jon Heyman on the phone. Right now the Padres are NOT the favorites to land James Shields. Apparently, we have an issue...

According to Scott Miller of Bleacher Report, there is an "impasse"...
So now what? Will it happen? Won't it happen?

Well, here's what we do know; At right this second... Jon Heyman isn't correct and that shouldn't surprise anyone.  Remember this gem?

"The Padres appear to be among the favorites, as they are said to be determined to add a top rotation piece and are believed to like Shields, who makes his home in the San Diego area and is himself said to prefer to play on the West Coast.." 

He'll be right when the deal is done and he can report it after it's out there. 

OK... I kid, I kid. Truth be told though, it was looking for a while that Padres had Shields in the bag... but maybe not now, according to Miller.

Right now, team attached to James Shields are as follows:

  • Cubs 
  • Blue Jays 
  • Marlins 
  • Don't count the Yankees out.  I don't care what Yankee brass is saying. You just never know.
More later...

Right now it's sunny in the Northeast of the country. Quick, go break the ice off of your sidewalk before we plunge to Zero again.

When's spring training again?

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