Monday, February 16, 2015


I know it's a story to many, but it comes as no surprise to me.  Andy Pettitte will have his number retired in August at Yankee Stadium, a truly terrific event and no one should be surprised.  Andy gave his all and he has the numbers and rings to prove it. Congratulations to Andy and his family for such an amazing achievement.

The news, came from his son Josh on Twitter:
Now, you know we love the Pettitte family here at BYB.  In fairness, we don't know them, and no, we're not as close to them as say the Posadas or Sabathias, but we love the family element just the same.  Don't forget, BYB wrote TRUST ME, NO ONE'S UPSET ABOUT PETTITTE BEING A GOOD DAD back in September. We did it because Andy was getting slammed because he wasn't attending Derek Jeter day.  The reason?

He went Elk hunting with his son, a trip planned way before Derek Jeter day.  Once we put our story our defending Andy and his commitment to family and fatherhood, it was nice that Josh sent us a tweet about it:
We had his back. It's about usually is.

Now it appears Andy will have his number retired and a plaque to boot. Trust me, I'm looking forward to this.  Dan Lucia, one of our writers is also. He had a dialog with Josh yesterday about it.
Dan Lucia will have a piece about Andy Pettitte and the retiring of #46 soon. Look for it!

Congrats to Andy Pettitte and his family.  Hard work pays off... Andy knows that and so do his sons! They are following in his footsteps! Gotta love it.

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