Friday, February 6, 2015


The Yankees believe it too. Partly because they have to at this point. He is the everyday first basemen and they can't go into the season with doubts and let's face it there isn't a good backup plan. Fans have doubts about his abilities now and I can't say I blame anyone who does, but I am not like everyone else. I still believe in him.

Let's face it, Teixeira has a lot to prove to fans and ownership. Above all else though....he has to prove to himself that he can still contribute and be effective. Who doesn't want to rally behind that guy? It sounds like a movie script or a common plot in a book. This is different though because this is real. At the end of the day I think proving to himself that he can still do it will be the best motivator he could ask for.

I don't believe in making excuses. It's not who I am at all and I think Mark Teixeira shares the same philosophy. That being said, Teixeira has had several troublesome seasons now. His age is definitely going to be a factor going forward, but injuries are a common theme here. He knows that and he also knows what needs to be done. The Yankees need him, and they aren't going to baby him. I think Hal Steinbrenner and Teixeira both made that clear in an article in the Daily News, read that HERE.

It's been awhile since we have heard him talk about being a successful everyday player. I still remember THIS article from two years ago and even that made me frustrated. Now I am hearing a confident, more determined Teixeira say "You'd have to be crazy to think we wouldn't be a little bit better if I was healthier. I played 123 games? I want to play 150 and I want to be healthy and strong for 150. So that's what I expect out of myself." THAT is the Teixeira I am excited to see. THAT is the Teixeira who knows how important he is to this team and will motivate him to prove his critics wrong.

I really hope that we get an everyday, healthy version of Teixeira because he is right, a healthy version of him would have meant more runs scored last year and more wins. As streaky as his bat may be, he still used to contribute 100+ RBIs and 30 HRs. The Yankees missed that last year, and he is right....if he brings that back to the team there will definitely be some more wins.

I may be alone on an island here, but I am not going to give up on Teixeira. I really hope that this season he proves to us that he can rise above the challenges and perform. It won't be easy to change people's minds, especially those who are firmly formed but I will always be in his corner because the Yankees will only be stronger with a healthy Tex.

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ  

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