Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I found this interesting and wanted to share.  You remember the Yankees and other teams had been giving Hecter Olivera a look, right?  He's the 29 year old Cuban second baseman who, by the way, has had some injuries attached to him as well.

Well, Peter Gammons just tweeted this:
OK, now look; $70 million is just insane when talking about a 29 year old player who's been hurt and has already played 10 years. MLB Trade Rumors Jeff Todd had a great nugget not many know about:
"Olivera’s medical history is not just limited to sports injuries, but includes a significant case of thrombosis. Then, there is the fact that Olivera’s age cannot be confirmed with certainty and even some indications that scouts are questioning why he is 'fatigued earlier in workouts than an athlete of his size, strength and age should.'”

Again, and teams are willing to spend $70 million on this guy? Really?  Alot of question marks.

Sure, the track record for Cuban players has been pretty damn good, and Olivera puts up great numbers, but I'd much rather offer that amount to a 19 year old Cuban player named Yoan Moncada instead.  I mean, what does Hector Olivera have that he's worth that kind of money at that age? That seems crazy to me. Am I the only one who feels this way?

Anyway, here are the teams interested in this guy:  The Altanta Braves, the Yankees, the San Diego Padres, the Texas Rangers and the Oakland Athletics.

So I ask you... what do you think will happen next? And if the Yankees sign Olivera... are they out on Moncada?

As of right now Olivera has not been cleared to hit free agency, but it will happen soon.

Stay tuned...

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