Monday, February 23, 2015


CC Sabathia cannot get a break when it comes to his weight.  Fans complained when he went skinny the past 2 seasons.  "He looks too thin" or "He looks sick" or, and this is my favorite... "Maybe he should gain weight so he can pitch better." Um... what? You're kidding right?

There's 2 things I don't joke about, Moms and weight.  It's just my personal policy.  I don't tell mom jokes and I don't really like to joke about a person's build and weight because, let's face it, it's personal.  And that brings be back to CC Sabathia.  The guy showed up at camp heavy and suddenly it's breaking news:

"Sabathia, who came to camp last year at least 30 pounds lighter than he had in previous seasons, now says he was too light last season. So in addition to rehabbing his right knee, which underwent an arthroscopic clean-out last July, he also spent part of his offseason replacing what had been lost.

 No, not his fastball. Sabathia acknowledged Saturday, the first day of Yankees pitchers and catchers workouts, that he came to camp this year at 305 pounds -- 10 pounds heavier than he was at the end of last season."

That comes from Wally Mathews of ESPN... not joking about CC's weight, but rather reporting it and for Yankee fans, I guess we need to know this, but here's the thing; if you're gonna get on this guy for being bigger this year than he was last year... what was all that blabber about him being too thin last year? Make up your mind guys.

The best thing we can do as fans, is wish Sabathia well.  We need him and fat, skinny... whatever makes him happy man... just be effective again! That's what I want the most!

Go get'em you big lug!

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