Wednesday, February 25, 2015


February is Black History Month. It's a time to celebrate and really reflect on all the wonderful contributions that have been made to us throughout history by the African-American community. Really, it doesn't get nearly enough attention.

We got the chance to ask the wonderful Amber Sabathia about the PitCCh In Foundation, CCandy and all that her and CC Sabathia are doing during the month of February. Check this's exclusive to BYB:

BYB: February is Black History Month. Can you tell us the importance of this month, not just for the Black community, but for everyone, including children.

Amber: It has been enlightening and fun to have CCandy salute youngsters as part of Kids Black History Month.  

Children really are our future and we thought it would be different and educational to highlight our youth doing extraordinary things. 

We have showcased young people from all walks of life -- academic geniuses, actors and entertainers, pro-athletes, poets, dancers, designers, philanthropists, and more. 

We hope that the accomplishments of these youngsters ignite the desire in others to find your passion and work to achieve what you dream for your life. 

BYB: Can you give us a little insight on what the PitCCh In Foundation is doing to help celebrate and educate children during this month?

Amber: Our PitCCh In Foundation, is committed to enriching the lives of inner-city youth. We encourage young people to write their own story and to find their purpose and passion and write their chapter to the best of their ability. We are looking forward to a very exciting new year.

BYB: Tell me a little bit about CCandy Clothing line. The colors an designs are beautiful for kids. 

Amber: We love our new 2015 line of CCandy. The fashion forward designs are colorful and bright and feature the team logo of your favorite team. In our family, it's the Yankees of course. 

BYB: Being a female, and a successful entrepreneur, you must find that young girls often look up to you. What advice would you give them about following their dreams?

Amber: My hope is to encourage young woman to follow their dreams, work hard, get a good education and follow your heart. You can have it all but you have to find a balance. Whatever you do, do what makes you happy!

BYB: Amber, are you ready to wear BYB gear for us like so many other athletes and wives have in the past?

Amber: Yes.... I look forward to rocking a BYB shirt this summer!

I'd liked to stress the fact that the importance of Black History Month stretches far beyond February. It's important that we remember, and honor those who are unjustly pushed into the background. Those like Arthur Ashe, Charles A. Drew, and many many more.

We thank Amber for taking the time to speak with us for a few moments.

Amber, you and CC will always be part of the Bleeding Yankee Blue family.

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804

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