Saturday, January 31, 2015


There's been plenty of bitching over the past 24 hours. Here's the most common complaint:  "The Yankees should have signed Alexi Ogando, not Scott Baker."  Eh... whatever man.  Here's the reality... Who knows if the Red Sox got the better deal here... it's just baseball.

I'd love to be mad, but I'm tired of being mad.  The Yankees signed Scott Baker to a minor league deal yesterday.  Read THE YANKEES WALK DOWN BAKER STREET. SIGN SCOTT BAKER for more.  It was right around that time that Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports tweeted that the Red Sox signed Ogando:
OK then. And just like that... Yankee fans are not happy.

Let me tell you what I'm happy about; I'm happy that the Yankees bullpen has already been touted one of the best in baseball for 2015 and that we don't even need Alexi Ogando.

I'm also happy that the Yankees are stockpiling arms, and taking fliers on pitchers like Scott Baker, trying to see if they can get alittle "lightening in a bottle"... and for Baker, it's good to see this guy work his way back after Tommy John surgery.

Sure, it's not the most ideal thing in the world, but in baseball, you look for cheap, inexpensive deals when you have a full staff and as things develop, and spring training happens, you see what works and what doesn't work.  Scott Baker could possibly come back and be a solid pitcher for us... he also may shit the bed. But here's the reality... we didn't spend $9 million on him... we got him cheap, just to get a look.  Hey, that's not a bad thing.

Being jealous because the Red Sox signed Alexi Ogando is fine, I guess. But let the off season play out.  Don't panic.  The Yankees pen is in a great position right now and the bottom line is... we just didn't need Alexi Ogando, that's it.

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