Sunday, January 11, 2015


All that talk about Willie Randolph coming back to the Yankees as a coach was exactly what it was... talk.

You have to assume Randolph and the Yankees just couldn't come together on what position (hitting or first base coach) he should come back as. Maybe they debated salary or years... whatever it was, it just didn't happen.  Hey, maybe Randolph wasn't even really interested.  We'll never know...

What we do know is the Yankees have named Joe Espada as their infield coach.  That comes from Jack Curry of YES.

Curry was the same guy who reported that the Yanks were close to naming Hitting coach Jeff Pentland and assistant hitting coach, Alan Cockrell. That's now official. Read LOOKS LIKE YANKS MAY HAVE THEIR HITTING COACH...ES

For those of you that don't know Cockrell, you gotta check this out.  Hitting is such and art and watching him and his videos are terrific.

Plus, the dude still looks like he can play.

Anyway. Too bad about Willie.  Congrats to what appears to be our new coaches... Joe Espada, Jeff Pentland and Alan Cockrell.

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