Sunday, January 11, 2015


Becoming an athlete is easy. What's challenging is becoming the very best. You must train, work hard and set goals. You must get a team to play together in games and during a game, you must lead your rivals into darkness. In order to win, you must lead, and you must be a good sport to everyone. With all those requirements, you'll become the greatest athlete ever. That's how my team won the championship over a year ago.

It was our championship game. It was a hot summer night and the field smelled like sand. It was fresh and humid. We were all pumped. We were playing a tough competitor we played against all season, and they were very good. But that night, none of us were intimidated.  We were all warming up. Our best pitcher, Joe, was getting ready to start. Then our coach yelled... "LET'S DO THIS!"

Once the game started, our opponent took the lead 2-0. Joe didn't like that and so he threw a 59 MPH pitch in on the batter.  We got out of the inning. Two innings later, I was up.  The score was now 3-1 and I was terrified as I picked up my cold bat. I watched the first pitch as it came in. SWING!

"Strike one!" the ump shouted.

The second pitch came in...

"Strike two!"  I felt like I was going to die.

Then came the next pitch. I swung.


I ran. It was a pop fly going into the outfield and by the time it landed, I was running toward third base. Finally, I ran home and slid...

"It's a home run!", the umpire yelled!  It was then I realized that I could be a great ballplayer. I saved the team and we were winning 4-3. It ended that way.  Parents said, "Way to go!"

Afterwards, we headed home. I was so happy. That night, I couldn't fall asleep. My parents stopped at Burger King for a treat. I got chicken strips and a milk shake. That day it tasted tender and good.

The next day I told all my friends. Of course, none of them believed me, but hey, that's why they say nothing's impossible.
This story was written by my 12 year old son.  He wrote it for a project for school.  The story made me very happy, probably because every word of it was true. I know... I was there. 

There is something about a kid that looks back on moments of greatness in their life that gets me all fuzzy inside.  There's something better about it... when it's your own child.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Robert Casey
BYB Chief, Managing Editor & Head Writer

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