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At the end of 2013, Bleeding Yankee Blue gave the readers the opportunity and privilege of voting for your favorite BYB writer.  It was a fun exercise, and yes, stressful for my staff, but for the most part, many of the BYB readers got it and enjoyed it.  In the end, Mike O'Hara won the first annual BEEB, and with that, he wrote his THANK YOU post, simply saying: "I wanted to say "thank you" to the voters. I appreciate your vote and the fact that you take time out to read my posts. It means a lot to me. Please keep reading and spreading the word about Bleeding Yankee Blue. 

I want to say thank you to all the writers on the BYB staff. I read every piece you share on the site and really do enjoy them all. It’s been great to get a sense of who you are and what the Yankees mean to you and your families through your writing."

This year, the BEEB returns.  The big question is... who will win it?

The BEEB Award is given to the writer that brings top quality, satisfaction, information and energy to their posts from the past year of 2014, according to you, the reader.  It's the highest honor for a writer at Bleeding Yankee Blue... and I am happy to put this vote into action again.

The readers have 2 important jobs;
1. You need to think. Think real hard.  Think about who you enjoyed reading the most in 2014. 

2. You need to vote.  Vote once. Vote twice. Vote as many times as you want, but vote for the BYB writer you feel is most deserving of the BEEB.

Do you find Jeana Bellezza fun and unique? She's written about many great personal experiences in 2014.

(In Photo: Suzie Pinstripe)
How about Suzie Pinstripe? She's all over the Hot Stove for BYB and gives us incredible insight on life and baseball.

Ike Dimitriadis has written extensively this off season on the moves that the Yanks have made. He's also well steeped on the players of years past. Maybe it should be him...

Hey, Erica Morales covered the ARod beat the entire year, reporting fairly and honestly. Have you read what she's been writing?

Of course there's always Alexis Garcia, who covers all of Major League Baseball for us. Is she the one who deserves it?

There's the always the thorough and talented Steve Skinner. A guy with a passion for the Yankees, but informative with the Thurman Munson Yankees... more so than many in the blog world.

Could Mike O'Hara win again? He too had a big 2014.  We will have to see, won't we?

So, to the BYB readers... I hand you the keys.  Vote.  You will see the poll on the home page of BYB in the upper right. Vote for the writer that you feel is most deserving of the BEEB award. Once the vote concludes, we will present the award to the winner and they will write an acceptance piece thanking you, the voter, the reader and the fan!

If you need a full body of work of each writer,  you may click on their names below, and you'll be brought to their specific pages. It's the archive of each writer.

Click, read, and take it seriously:

And just so everyone is aware, do to work shortages of writers, Lem Allen, Doug Solomon and newbies Wolfgang Von Bunt and Dan Lucia, they have been excluded from this years vote.  There are only small batches to go by and the voters would not have enough to work off of.  Next year guys, promise.

Also, I have removed myself from the voting. Imagine if I won? Well... that would be weird now, wouldn't it? So yeah, if you're wondering... I am out.

The voting starts now and ends on February 24th at midnight. We will see you then with the winner.

Vote now... vote for who deserves the BEEB!

What's a BEEB anyway....

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