Thursday, January 29, 2015


Quick note.

Tyler Palmer, a minor league Yankee has tested positive for amphetamines.  According to, "Tyler Palmer has been suspended 50 games without pay for testing positive for amphetamine, according to MLB.

He also recorded his second positive test for a drug of abuse, the league said. His suspension will start at the beginning of the Gulf Coast League season."

In this day and age, with all the restrictions and rules... you'd think these kids would just go back to old fashioned hard work to try and make it to the bigs.

Look, I understand "getting an edge" and being "alittle better" than the another player, but let's face it,  players need to play clean.  Amphetamines? Really?

What's next.... Quaaludes? I feel like I'm on one of those hard hitting drug episodes of the White Shadow.

Don't know the White Shadow? Check it out. 

It's a 70's thing. You wouldn't understand. 

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