Wednesday, January 7, 2015


You know, as productive as this off season has been for the New York Yankees, I am still sitting here and wanting more. It's like eating the most tantalizing dinner still want dessert. I still want something to just put me over the edge. So, as I sit here and wait for the Yankees to just give me that perfect nightcap, I am sitting here thinking about an ice cream sundae with all of the fix-ins.

I am growing restless. Really. Really....restless. The off season started with a bang. I was getting a rumor mill adrenaline rush in the beginning but now I have crashed. It's sad. I haven't had that same excitement in awhile now. In fact, I told Casey that I was so bored that I could think of 20 events that have entertained me more recently just by reminiscing about recent off season events. Of course, with that....I was told to write about them. He's good like that.

So Yankees, for the sake of all fans everywhere....please bring back the excitement so no one has to read Jeana's off season amusement EVER again.

1. Girl Scout Cookie Season is back! will be. The only reason this amused me was because someone at work started talking about it and our own Erica Morales has her very own girl scout and I get to read about Cookie posts, constantly. That being said, there are new cookies this year, read HERE. Get ready to throw away those New Years resolutions! So much for trying to behave. I guess I can just blame Erica.

2. Yankee baseball was over, so I got sucked into The Voice. Pharrell and Gwen Stefani took over as coaches but didn't make the finals. Adam Levine had 3 finalists but miraculously lost to Blake Shelton's sole finalist. I can only imagine how much gloating Blake did after all of that. Can we say upset AND lack of baseball desperation? PLEASE stop the insanity!

3. My softball team WON! Yes ladies and gentleman. Stop the presses. The team I have written about because we are SOOOOO bad actually won a game. We met at the mound like the 2009 Yankees and partied like we won the World Series. So for the season we went 1-17! What an accomplishment. Let's see if the new season we can go 2-16.

4. The Classic "Monkey Monkey Underpants" banter between myself and Erica Morales. Seriously, we are a little silly. Just a little. But that's ok because well....we are entertaining. Extra cool and brownie points if you can actually tell me where that comes from.

5. Katy Perry takes Halloween to the extreme. Seriously, I am easily amused but come on....dressing as a Cheeto for Halloween? I laughed, and then I cried from laughing so hard. Points for creativity. does anyone else see Lady Gaga when you see her face?

6. The waste of my very valuable taxpayers dollars on the Jodi Arias trial. They say cats have 9 lives, does this sentencing retrial also? I have to stop watching the news before I go bonkers. I feel more and more broke everyday. Read what I mean HERE.

7. Buh-bye Beantown! Jon Lester signs with the Cubs. Sayonara, Boston! It makes all of the "Jon Lester has loyalty to the Sox" debates I had so much sweeter.

8. The Yankees fire Kevin Long...and the Mets take our leftovers. I love it! Have fun with that Mets fans!

9. Speaking of Mets fans.... did you know that Mets are favored to win the World Series 12-1 over the Yankees at 18-1? It's TRUE! Ask my Mets friends. Want to know their credible evidence? A Vegas gambling prediction! Science in its finest form, folks.

10. New Years Eve snow in Arizona. Yup, that is not a typo, folks. We had a light dusting of snow in the Phoenix Metro area and when I woke up on New Years day I could see snow on the mountain ranges surrounding me. It was WEIRD! Blame global warming. This isn't just weird, it is EXTREMELY weird, folks. I thought I woke up back east.

11. The Celebrity Apprentice is back! Usually I don't care about this show or Donald Trump at all but hey....Johnny Damon is on and since he isn't stealing bases anymore like he did in the 2009 World Series, I would like to see him steal a victory from the rest of his competitors for his charity the Johnny Damon Foundation.

12. The holiday season is not complete without one (or several) appearances from the Peanuts! Nothing says Holidays to me like "A Charlie Brown Christmas" or "Happy New Year Charlie Brown!" It brings back a lot of memories and cures a lot of boredom due to baseball withdrawals.

13. Pedro Martinez wanted to be a Yankee! Of course, this comes right before his probable Hall of Fame Selection so timing is suspect but it's still funny. Read that HERE. Again, timing is suspect but I still got a good laugh out of it. I wonder how Boston fans feel. Hmmmm....

14. Football frenzy - The Dallas Cowboys win the Wild Card game. Am I in the Twilight Zone?! Pinch me, I must have been dreaming. I can't say I had much interest in this particular game but whether you think it was a bad call or could you not laugh at some of the reactions on Facebook and Twitter?

15. Speaking of football frenzy - Rex Ryan finally gets the boot after a 4-12 season! I don't envy his position through all of this but as a Jets fan I have to say good riddance. It is time for a change. Here's hoping for next season. What a bad parting theme....but it's all I have for now.

16. Hey Kim - you can't break the Internet! You know, when I saw Kim Kardashian's butt and her quest to #breaktheinternet I laughed. I honestly do not understand the fascination with this woman and I never want to. Sorry Kim, as outrageous as you think your booty may be scientists landing a rover onto a flying comet deep in outer space foiled your plan.

17. For as long as I have been alive the Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony has always been a "must see" event for me. Watching on TV is not as enjoyable these days, but it gives me a little piece of home. It all comes full circle when Mariah Carey sings "All I Want for Christmas is You." Not this Christmas. That was horrible. Mariah, I still love your song but you couldn't hit those notes and I feel jipped!

18. Christmas with the family. I am still living in the Christmas Joy here. It's hard having your family on separate coasts, so having my mom with me on Christmas was the best gift a girl could get. Can we hit the rewind button? I want a repeat.

19. Christmas was special, and so was New Years. Just before the ball dropped and 2015 was officially here, I became a godmother. You can bet my godson is going to be the most spoiled and loved kid on the planet. I have never felt so trusted before with anything in my entire life.

20. The Max Scherzer and Scott Boras saga. Boras is still trying to convince teams that Scherzer is worth a contract near 200 million at 8 years. Hey Boras! The Yankees just got a lot younger. We do not want or need that kind of contract. I will make you a deal. I have a bridge I am selling. You may have heard of it...its called the Brooklyn Bridge! I will sell it to you for a good price. You interested? Call me!

So I am still waiting for one late present and Stephen Drew isn't exactly that!

I need another rush, a longer lasting sugar high. Other wise, who knows what other crazy things I may start reminiscing about. I am easily amused Yankees, so it won't take much. Just pretty please with sugar on top make something happen and fast!

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ  

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