Monday, January 12, 2015


Leave it to Mister D, BYB reader and fan... can I say that Mister D? Fan? I hope so.

Look, there has been plenty debate about Alex Rodriguez.  Many hate him. Others don't. Others, want him to just contribute to the damn team before his contract runs out.  Me? I've never been an Alex guy, I was always a Jeter guy, but I also don't hate the guy. I just feel like he made bad choices.

I received a ton of hate mail when I posted I DON'T CARE IF YOU HATE AROD. IT'S JUST BASEBALL. The gist was simple; when people hate ARod, their first plan of attack is to hate the ARod fan. And to be honest, that makes no sense.

Even yesterday on Facebook, after BYB posted a terrific piece by Erica Morales titled: AN OPEN LETTER TO ALEX RODRIGUEZ, she was immediately belittled and suggested she needed to "get a set to respond". Then this guy, we'll call Denny said this: 

"... everyone please take off your a-roid colored glasses and wake up. You can twist what he has done to make it seem like his first offense....but it's not....he's bad for baseball and bad for the Yankees and everything one should NOT root for or cheer or support in a baseball player.

Just go to my Facebook group to see it. Now, he's a fan that hates Alex Rodriguez. There is nothing wrong with that. But why go after the fan that may like Alex?

And it goes further... what the hell did Erica do? She crafted a pretty thought out piece. The bottom line is fans can root for whomever they want to, or not.  Why be tortured because someone likes a player you don't?  Furthermore, this was an opinion piece, the first true piece E had put out about Alex, the last year she's done some pretty good reporting breaking down the whole PEDs mess. I took exception to Denny.

And that brings me to the best comment of 2015 so far... and it comes from Mister D, commenting on I DON'T CARE IF YOU HATE AROD. IT'S JUST BASEBALL.

This is what we've been saying here at BYB, but this is from someone not affiliated with us. It puts it in perfect perspective...
"Never got hate for ballplayers. Oh, I enjoyed hating on Pedro when he pitched against the Yankees, but that's hating for fun. Game over, move on. There are, and always have been, people obsessed with Alex. I've said elsewhere, I can't really root for him anymore as a ballplayer because I just can't believe him, but that doesn't mean I'll be rooting for him to fail. I just have so much energy, and I'd rather spend it cheering on CC or Teix than wishing ill on Alex."


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