Monday, January 12, 2015


We’ve all been wondering if Brian Cashman does indeed have a plan this off season, or if we are justified to feel like the bratty kid who didn’t get enough from Santa this Christmas. One aspect that I think the Yankee brass should address is the organization’s surplus at catcher.

For the foreseeable future it would appear Brian McCann would handle the duties behind the dish…although I’d get him a lot of work at 1st base this spring. Tex is…well; you all know my feelings on Mark. There will come a time when Mac may become our everyday first baseman. However, as of now he is our backstop and a good one at that.

My vote for backup and possible the successor to McCann is John (Don’t call me JR) Ryan Murphy. Murph has really showed signs that he could be a great all around player. He is much better than Austin Romine and now that Frankie is in Pittsburgh I think John Ryan should be on the roster for good.

That leaves a few in our system that we can deal. First there is Romine. Austin is a great defensive catcher and his bat is better than it was…but he is certainly a piece that the Bombers could find a new home for.  I am not sure he brings back a big-ticket player, but in the right package Romine could make any deal more lucrative.

Then we have the highly touted (Probably overly so) Gary Sanchez. Look, I am sure that Gary is a really good young player, but the Yankees have a tendency to over hype their young, unproven talent. It might be because they haven’t had much to brag about of late, but still. Anyway, Sanchez should be a piece New York can ship to address another need. Remember when Montero was going to be a Joe Mauer type…he isn’t, and the Yankees might have stolen Pineda if Mikey can continue to show he can be an ace.

The bottom line is the one thing the Bombers have is catching…. too much…if there is such a thing. If Cash does have a method to the recent madness it would seem like a no brainer to deal one of our catchers and help the pitching or swap for a young bat with pop.

I guess we’ll find out, but I’d like to see the Yankees do something with the one area they claim to an abundance of talent in.

** Brian has to know when to hold, fold or walk away with the young backstops. Here’s Mike Doughty…I like his cover better than Kenny’s original…sorry, Gambler.”

 --Mike O'Hara
Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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