Sunday, January 4, 2015


There hasn't been much when it comes to teams connected to Max Scherzer or James Shields.  It's not like the 2 of them are locked up together in a bunker waiting for a group contract or anything.  I'm sorry to lead you that way.  All I'm saying is both Scherzer and Shields were the pitchers that were "next to go" after Jon Lester... and then, nothing!

Here's what we know.  The Yankees appear out on James Shields.  In fact, we have written 2 pieces about James Shields on BYB.  One in support of him coming to the Bronx... one not.  Check out the pieces below:


Both are great pieces. Both have good opinion.

Now, truth be told, there really is no indication the Yankees are in or were ever in. Although we know how Cashman operates and maybe he makes a move in the dead of night like he does so well... he's good like that.

Apparently the Red Sox could be out too. According to Jim Bowden:
OK then.  Well, does anyone like or want the guy?  I found another team who isn't interested. It's the Giants.  Jim Bowden again says:
And that brings me to Scherzer. You see it there, The champion Giants don't even want Scherzer.  Not because his talent I'm sure. It's because of his unbelievable demands. Blame Boras for that...

It's my opinion that Scott Boras blew his load and destroyed Scherzer's chances to get a big pay day.  You remember when Boras blurted Max should get a helluva lot. Jon Morosi of FOX Sports had that:
Guaranteed more than $200 million? I guarantee Scott Boras is smoking crack.  He just turned off the entire league, both National and American.  Simply ridiculous.

Max Scherzer was never in the minds of Yankee brass and they stated as much.  They like him, but they don't love him, and hell, who would "guarantee" that much money to Max Scherzer?

You know when it's guaranteed? When Scherzer consistently wins World Series and MVPs for his stellar performance.  The Tigers aren't the Giants here.  I'm liking Madison Bumgarner a helluva lot more, you know what I mean?

The Tigers are interested in retaining Scherzer, and that makes sense.  And to be perfectly honest, we don't need a headline that reads Buster Olney's guess: Max Scherzer to Tigers. REALLY BUSTER? What a bold prediction... you should be a baseball insider or something.

Look, whatever happens with Shields and Scherzer, we'll bring it to you on BYB.  What we're not going to do is make up the news.  I tweeted that the other day:
I stand by it.  We like to get it right, not first.

Stay tuned...

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