Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Nice piece in MLB.com about Francisco Cervelli I wanted to send your way.  Jim Lachimia has the story about Cisco. He's a kid who's most likely been awarded the starting catching role... "officially", and he's taking it seriously in Pittsburgh:

"When Francisco Cervelli made his rounds at PirateFest shortly before Christmas, he was well-dressed, well-spoken and well-received. The 28-year-old catcher -- who was acquired from the New York Yankees last November -- moved about the David L. Lawrence Convention Center with a smile on his face as he exchanged pleasantries with fans, members of the media and several of his new teammates.

'This is amazing, especially for me. I'm new,' Cervelli said as he surveyed the scene. 'I'm getting to know people and they're getting to know me a little bit.'...

Cervelli is embracing his opportunity with the Pirates and wants to prove himself worthy of the slot into which he's been penciled.

'You're going to a new team and you have to show everything you've got all over again,' Cervelli said. 'But I don't want anyone to give it to me for free. I just want to earn my job. That's it. Every Spring Training, I've had to go and fight for a job. This one is not going to be an exception.'...

Pirates pitchers and catchers will report to Bradenton, Fla., to begin Spring Training on Feb. 18, and Cervelli knows he has a lot of work ahead of him to become familiar with a new pitching staff.

'Spring Training is for working and I'm going to have enough time to learn from the guys,' he said. 'The psychology thing is the most important thing for a catcher. You have to know each guy -- their personality, what they do, what they've got that day. I put a lot of energy in that.... They've got to be my best friends. When I was with the Yankees, my pitchers were everything to me. Talking to them, trying to get to know each guy's personality. I also watch videos and do my homework, but I think the most important thing is the mental part -- just making them feel comfortable throwing to me.'"

Say what you will about Cervelli. Many call him not too talented.  Others hate him. Some appreciate him. Me? I think the guys full of heart. He knows he may not be the best, but the guy is literally busting ass out there whenever he's in the lineup. 

It's true passion.... hell... that should count for something.

Good luck Frankie. I always like you bro.

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