Friday, January 2, 2015


That makes it all better.  Seriously.

Look, many of you don't know who David Carpenter is and there was a lot of concern and anger when Manny Banuelos was traded to the Atlanta Braves.  Here's the thing, a lot of scouts had concerns about Manny after Tommy John surgery and so, I guess the Yankees pulled the trigger and flipped him to Atlanta. 

The Killer B's, made up of him, Dellin Betances and Andrew Brackman were supposed to be the driving force for the Yankees, well, right about now.  But Betances is the only one still here and the others are gone.

(In Photo: David Carpenter)
What do we have for Manny? Chasen Shreve and David Carpenter, and let's face it... with almost every move we've made this off-season, it's a trade and a prayer, right? We know nothing. Manny could be amazing down the road. Chasen and Carpenter could too. They could also suck. It's a guess. 

Things could end up being great for us though. Why? Well the Yankees ARE shedding salary and our team is getting younger right before our eyes. It was something that many Yankee fans were screaming about wanting to do.  Well, it's happening.  Strangely, many Yankee fans are still not happy.  Well, I get it, but you need to make moves, some time and some how... and here we are. Again, yes, it's a wild card and we will see what happens next. But that takes me back to Brian McCann endorsing his former teammate, David Carpenter. I promise you there's a pay off here...

Here's that nugget from Joel Sherman:

So what does it all mean? Well, not much other than I am cool with McCann backing the guy and supporting the move.  Look, Carpenter could come to New York and lay an egg. BUT, he can also be dominant.  All I'm saying is, as a fan, seeing the little things were doing, I like that there's movement... and anytime there's a backing of a player involved... it helps a fan base and brings alittle extra confidence to that player as well as fans. And hey, I'm big on loyalty, what can I say.

Let's face it; the Yankees haven't signed huge big names, and sometimes old, Free Agents this off season.  They're doing exactly the opposite.  Sure, it's weird, but it's a good thing, if not for right this second, maybe for 2015... and for the future.

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