Friday, January 9, 2015


It's the off season.  It's slow sometimes.  When that happens people do stuff to entertain themselves and others.  Enter Bleeding Yankee Blue's Facebook friend John Sacino, who made some pretty cool artwork that we wanted to feature here.  Thanks for the clearance Mr. Sacino:

Here's the first one and this is my favorite. The Departed. Derek Jeter. Mariano Rivera. Jorge Posada. Andy Pettitte. Hiroki Kuroda. Jason Giambi.  Gotta love the way these are done. I would love to see something with just the Core Four. We gotta think of a move with a good ring to it!

Love it! Anyway, here's the second one:

Hilarious.  ARod. Carlos Beltran with that 80's style Vice feel.  The only thing missing is a shot of ARod shirtless on the Miami beach.  I just threw up in my mouth alittle bit...

And finally, here's the third:

New guys. New Yankees. Brian McCann. Chase Headley. Looking forward too seeing these guys help lead the New York Yankees.  We need a leader now more than ever!

Great stuff John.  Hope the BYB readers enjoy these.  Maybe I'll ask John to make some more to share on BYB. How about a sarcastic one... the Dream Team from the old 80's movie starring Michael Keaton...

I'm thinking Carl Pavano and Dale Berra go on that one.

Enjoy your Friday!

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