Wednesday, January 28, 2015


So David Robertson went to the White Sox for less money than the highest bidder....

Which begs the question... did the dude just want a change of scenery and get the hell out of New York, or did he really feel as though Chicago was the best chance for him? More on that in a moment.

Look, I have no beef with David Robertson for leaving the Bronx.  If he wanted to make a few extra bucks, change his city, do something good for Erin and Luke, go for it.  Hell, the Robertson's wore BYB for me when I asked them too.  How do you get mad at these 2 good looking people anyway? You can't. 

But look, I just found this nugget interesting and wanted to bring it to your attention.  According to Dan Hayes of CSN Chicago, DRob dashed for Chicago for less money than the highest bidder after all.
OK then. We don't know who the highest bidder was, but you have to remember that the Astros were "hot and heavy" for DRob at one point. I am assuming it was them. 

And here's another nugget; Not exactly news considering David now wears a White Sox jersey.  According to Comcast, David believes the White Sox are better than the Yankees.

"I think so. I wouldn't be here if I didn't think that. We’ve got a great squad right now. I’m looking forward to know the guys and seeing how they perform out there.”

No big whoop... and not even breaking news... just rivalry stuff.

Whatever the case, DRob is a White Sock... and that's OK.  I have no beef toward DRob. I just hope that when the Yankees play Chicago... and he's pitching... we remind him just how great it was in the Bronx.

Love ya pal.  Good luck in 2015.

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