Thursday, January 8, 2015


I mean what’s next; they sign Tex to a 5-year extension?! Did Cashman not see Stephen Drew play last year? I understand that he is a good glove and will serve as an insurance policy for shortstop and 2nd, but I wouldn’t give JD’s brother 5 Nathan’s hot dogs let alone 5 million dollars!

I feel like Michael Corleone in Godfather III, every time I think I can take a break from bashing Brian Cashman, “They pull me back in!

Are the Yankees getting younger? Yes, they are. Are they getting less expensive? Sure. Are they still making moves that flat out confuse and anger the fans? YOU BET! We had Prado! He can play 2nd! He was under contract! AND HE CAN HIT!! Did we need they kid from Miami that bad? What happened to letting the kids play?

There is no reason to bring Drew back in my opinion…unless of course Cash is trying to get on Boras’s good side in hopes that he’ll lower the price on Mad Max…and if you buy that I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

Why does anybody listen to Cashman? I guess the only thing ARod does right lately is NOT paying Cash any mind. Brian has said repeatedly that Alex is not the Yankees 3rd baseman. They signed Chase Headley (Thank God) and Al is still taking grounders at the hot corner in preparation for 2015. I wish Hal would do the same.

Cashman: Hey, Little Boss! I think we should break out the checkbook.
Hal: Yeah, why is that, Cash?
Cashman: Well, I got us a great deal on a really solid player!
Hal: Super! Who is it?
Cashman: Stephen Drew!
Hal: Beat it geek.
Cashman: But…
Hal: Go count the seats in sections 201-237…’cause they’ll be empty at this rate.

No that conversation didn’t happen, but I wish it did. We all KNOW how the exchange would have gone if Hal’s Dad were still here.

Cashman: Boss, I…
George: YOU’RE SOOOOO FIRED! And I am seriously considering slapping a Red Sox jersey on you and feeding you to the Bleacher Creatures!

This news really brought me down when I heard it. It was like watching a loop of Tex batting (from either side) mixed in with episodes of “Foul Territory”.

That’s it for me…

** Here’s one that used to cheer me up as a kid…they Yankees stunk then too.**

 --Mike O'Hara
Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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