Sunday, January 18, 2015


Let’s say that you had heard an old friend was throwing a party. You had been out of the loop for a bit and didn’t receive an invitation to said gathering. What would you do? Would you call your old pal and ask if there was a mix up? Would you chalk it up to simply growing apart and stay home? Or would you be “That Guy” and just show up at the party anyway? There are many unwritten rules in life, and one is DON’T BE THAT GUY!

If you weren’t invited, or worse, you were told not to come and still made an appearance…you’re an A-hole. It’s just that plain and simple. What are you trying to prove? You are clearly not wanted, so take the hint. In the end, everyone is better off. You can find other activities to pass the time, and everyone is spared from that awful awkwardness. It really is a “recorded skipped” moment when everyone sees you enter the room and the good time vibe is just ruined. Way to go, Sport. You lived up to the reason you weren’t invited in the first place.

This brings us to our own resident A-hole, Alex Rodriguez. Look, everyone has an opinion of ARod. Casey had some thoughts the other day in IT'S TIME FOR ALEX RODRIGUEZ TO BE SORRY.  I myself find ARod's story a tragic one. He was a 1st ballot talent and arguably one of the most naturally gifted human beings ever to step onto a baseball diamond. Period. However, ego and AWFUL decisions and behavior upended the man’s talent and rendered him a cautionary tale and Baseball’s Public Enemy #1.

Is that fair? Is Alex the worst person in the world? No. No, I don’t believe he is. He is just foolish and arrogant beyond belief. Rodriguez deserves to take the public beating he is getting (and they’re just getting warmed up). He is unlikable. He is the anti-Jeter. Alex is THAT GUY.

It was recently reported that ARod believes the 3rd base job, WHERE CHASE HEADLEY WILL ALL BUT RECEIVE HIS MAIL, is his to lose. Everyone in the organization has said over and over that Alex is a DH if anything at all…and possible a backup 1st baseman. (On a side note, Al, if you want to replace Tex I have no issue with it. Go ahead and take his job. You can’t be much worse at the plate…hey, try switch-hitting. Mark can’t do that either…but I digress.)

The Yankees are throwing a party and DELIBERATELY didn’t invite ARod to it. They don’t want him; they are simply stuck with his nonsense, ego and AWFUL contract. It’s on the Yankees as much as Rodriguez if you ask me. They shouldn’t be surprised that he is claiming to be the club’s hot corner man. This is who he is! It’s what he does! ALEX COMES FIRST!

What will be the best course of action? I think it would be for the two sides to Part Company for good. Look, Alex is owed money and the Yankees don’t want him. Pay the man and let him go. You aren’t going to receive any return on him anyway. If you cut him you at least save yourself the headaches and unhappy clubhouse. Chase can do his job and won’t have to worry about a once great player sulking in the corner of the party, doubling dipping chips and changing the music on the stereo. Alex Rodriguez IS “THAT GUY”, folks. Tell him the party was cancelled and send him to an address in Queens.

**To Alex this song is all he hears in his head…it’s a damn shame.**

 --Mike O'Hara
Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21


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