Thursday, December 11, 2014


Enough is enough. Yankee fans everywhere have had it.  We have done NOTHING as a club! And the question is... WHY NOT?

Andrew Miller was a great pickup. I loved that move. Could not be happier...

but meanwhile, David Robertson and Brandon McCarthy took a hike, we watched pitchers like Rick Porcello and Justin Matherson get snatched up by rival Boston, and we're standing around with our dick in our hand and no aggression or urgency at all? What gives?

Yesterday it was revealed that the Yankees liked Sergio Romo.  Yet, Brian Cashman couldn't confirm that that was happening. In fact, he skirted:

“If it’s the right guy, I have no problem signing a (reliever) to a major league deal... If it’s the right guy; if it fits with everything else we’re also trying to accomplish. We also have a lot of good young arms. It’s just, we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out. We have trade opportunities, so it can come in a lot of different ways whether it’s from within, whether it’s non-roster invite, major league signing from the free agent market, or trade. It’s tough to say right now.”

That statement, while appears important, is not.  It's filler, and to be honest, I've been pretty supportive of the job Cashman has done, but now I'm pretty unhappy.  Moves are happening everywhere... but not in the Bronx.  The Winter Meetings is the time to make deals.  Trust me... I will not be happy if we end up signing a guy like Barry Zito (BARRY ZITO IS IN DEMAND APPARENTLY) because we missed out on everyone else... you know what I mean?

Here's what might happen.  Now that Rick Porcello is gone, most likely the Tigers need to sign Max Scherzer becomes bigger.  They will do whatever it takes to keep him.  The Yankees, no doubt in panic mode, will attempt to sign this big fish in a way to keep Yankeeland from exploding.  But over shooting and offering this guy 7 years and a whole lot of money will only make Yankeeland angrier! 

The problem is, the Tigers will go in full force for Scherzer... and the Yanks won't be able to offer just 4... it won't happen.  This uncertainty will surely blow up in Cashman's face and the Tigers will get their pitcher back.

Cashman has not signed a quality starter, starters that are available. This is the same Brian Cashman by the way, that has stated he's doing his best to give us a solid rotation for 2015.

Was not offering David Robertson a contract a good idea? That's debatable. Some like it, some don't, but here's the reality;  We could use an extra reliever now that he's gone, and if we just signed him, well, we'd be in Starting Rotation mode right about now. Instead, we're scrambling for replacement parts. Clearly Cash can't walk and chew gum at the same time.

Was letting McCarthy walk a good idea? Well, for 4 years and $48 million... yes it was.  I like McCarthy, but not at that tune. 

Was letting Shane Greene get traded away for Didi Gregorius a bad move? Well... before all hell broke loose at the Winter Meetings, I was OK with it.  Now... now that DRob's gone... now that Brandon McCarthy's gone... I'd say letting Greene get traded away truly sucks. 

Brian Cashman appears to be that cashier at Target that can't handle the long lines and discounted prices and chaos all around him during the Christmas crush. It's too much for him, but it's his job!  As the General Manager of the New York Yankees, we, the crowds surrounding him want to see action!  Yes, Yankee fans are selfish and greedy and there's a reason for that.  WE'RE THE NEW YORK YANKEES.

We have a tradition of winning and getting the best players.  We spend hundreds of dollars to go to a single game with our family and to be perfectly honest with you, I don't want to go to a Yankee game knowing that our franchise player we have is Brett Gardner.  No disrespect to Brett Gardner... BUT... BRETT GARDNER?????

So, to you Brian Cashman. To you Hal Steinbrenner, guys I've defended... but I'm losing my patience right now...

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY?"  What have you done for us fans this week? WHAT?

Fix it, we're fed up.

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