Sunday, December 7, 2014


This is why I hate the rumor season. Because, while bloggers like ourselves are constantly questioned about "where we get our information", "baseball insiders" should be too.

Here's an example. A while back we had a documented conversation from a Rockies person that suggested that the Rockies had planned to present the Yankees with what they wanted in exchange for Troy Tulowitzki.  The price was way too high; prospects and "a lot" of Troy's salary.  We said then that while our source had that information and it was 100% solid, the price was ridiculous and we didn't believe it would happen.  We were questioned by baseball insiders for that story. (Read SOURCE ON ROCKIES: "THEY KNOW WHAT THEY WANT".)  My answer was simple. "You have your sources, I have mine." The story wasn't wrong. It was unique to what we found and that burned the insiders up. Oh well.  Here's the important part; We also walked the BYB reader through the whole process, as to not leave them high and dry, something that many "baseball insiders" do on the regular in the rumor season.

That brings me to today and that weird story that popped up about Chase Headley and how "a team" wanted to offer him 4 years and $65 million a few days ago, Read ONE TEAM THINKS CHASE HEADLEY'S WORTH $65 MILLION.  While the story again, IS NOT WRONG, it could be false.  Why? Here's why:

No team has stepped forward to take "responsibility" if you will.  The Giants were said to be aggressively pursuing Headley.  But according to Buster Olney, the Giants are not pursuing him:
Well, look... the idea that the Giants could be connected to Headley isn't exactly breaking news. BYB insinuated they'd be looking hard for 3rd basemen now that Pablo Sandoval is gone.

Headley is a logical choice, but the Giants are not that team... according to another baseball insider slapping down what the first baseball insider said.

It's Olney verses Passan.  Not exactly King Kong verses Godzilla... but still interesting.

That leaves the Yankees and Marlins as the only other 2 teams "interested" in Headley.  The Yankees haven't been too interested in giving Headley 4 years and to be honest, the money's too high.  My gut says the Yankees are out.  As far as the Marlins, I haven't heard much from them. Have you?

So I ask you, Jeff Passan... who's that team? You're a smart guy, you get the info regularly. You left the audience hanging.  You presented something about "a team" in on Headley for $65 million... WHO'S THE TEAM? Where's the update? Or... is it BS?

We'll track this for you guys.  Something doesn't seem right.  If Headley signs somewhere, that's great, but We're suspicious if this report...

and we should be.

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