Tuesday, December 2, 2014


According to George King III of the New York Post, David Robertson and his rep are doing some things that are insinuated to be wrong... or something.

King writes tonight: "The Astros are telling people they are getting used by David Robertson and his representative.

Multiple employees of other big league clubs said Tuesday the Astros believe Robertson’s interest in the Astros serves another purpose other than leaving The Bronx for Houston.

'They think he is using the [Astros] for leverage,’ a person familiar with the Astros said.

When the Astros and Robertson started to talk it was viewed as an odd pairing. The Astros knew Robertson was seeking a four-year deal in the area of $50 million. They knew the Yankees would get a compensation draft pick because the Yankees made the $15.3 million qualifying offer to the right-handed reliever who rejected it. The Astros also had to understand they have so many holes that a stud closer wasn’t going to fix them all."

So... what does it all mean? Is David Robertson a bad guy? Will the Duke Boys get out of this mess?  Sorry... a kid of the 80's who loved the Dukes of Hazzard... It's a cliffhanger, ain't it?

Let's break it down for you so it's real simple to understand. There is no scandal. David Robertson is NOT a bad person.  He may be a user, but you become a user when you're a Free Agent.  The best strategy is to drive your price up while not appearing cocking or selfish.  If you find a buyer that you're not exactly thrilled with, but you know it will make the other potential buyers jealous... you make them love you...

Then, if the team you REALLY want comes around, say it's the Yankees... you drop Team One like a bad habit... it's not illegal and it's not wrong... it's business and David's smart for doing it.

Now I could sit here and tell you that David Robertson should come to his senses and sign a 3 year deal with the Yankees and end this chase, but he won't... not now anyway.  He needs to play the game, and we as fans, need to understand that.

Free Agency sucks.  It brings out bad press against the player. It pits fans against players and teams and no one is happy in the end if a beloved player leaves... but that's free agency and you need to respect it.

Whatever happens, happens, and we'll tell you on BYB.  Just understand it's brutal and we'll make sure we continue to bring you honest reporting on DRob's free agency.  It's the least we can do for a guy who's worn BleedingYankeeBlue.com for us with his adorable wife Erin.

The Robertsons are forever part of the BYB family, whether they stick around in the Bronx or not. Don't forget fans... this is business.

Best of luck kid... it's not easy and we know that.  Carry on...


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