Thursday, December 25, 2014


My kids were so bad this week, I was sure Santa Claus was having a fit looking into his globe in the North Pole, or whatever he does these days.

I got so angry, I literally declared Christmas cancelled on Tuesday night.

"That's it!" I yelled at the top of my lungs... "Christmas is cancelled!"

My 5 year old's lip dropped. He put his head down.  I just let down my little man.  I became "That guy".  That guy who forgot what the Holiday season is all about.  I royally blew it.  The kids were bad, sure, but when I sat back and thought about them being "bad", they weren't bad at all.... they were bouncing off the walls because they were excited... it was almost Christmas.

I stood in my room for a moment. It was quiet. The only thing I heard was the sniffling of my 5 year old now.  I slowly made my way to his room.  I knelt down next to his bed. His tears were running down his face...

"Dad. Don't cancel Christmas."

I was heartbroken.  I rubbed his head... "I won't.  I promise", I whispered.

He turned over and put the covers over his shoulder.  I kissed his cheek. Embarrassed, I walked back to my room and turned in.

Parenthood may be the hardest job in the world, and I'm stumbling through it some days.  Here's what I do know;   Christmas should never be cancelled.   Sure, kids get riled up, they even get bad sometimes, but they're kids.  It's our job our parents to guide them.  It's our job to make them respectful young men and women, polite, smart, unique... whatever you want to call it.  It's our job to protect them too.... and if that means making sure Christmas isn't cancelled, I'll do it for sure. I learned it the hard way this week.  The reality is this... I still feel the sting from my declaration the other night, even though my kids have long forgotten it.  It was wrong of me, I was literally the Grinch. How sad.

Here's the good news... my kids are forgiving, and so is Santa Claus.  Not toward my kids... but toward me.  Christmas should be a fun, exciting time for your family.  It's about giving and receiving.  There's nothing better than seeing my kids open up a gift they wanted all year.  I'd rather witness that than get anything for myself. That's a fact.  

After gifts were opened and paper filled my living room this morning, the kids explore their goodies in different parts of the house.  As always, my wife and I sat in front of the fire, exhausted, and reflecting over coffee.  It's that moment that I enjoy Christmas most.  The kids enjoyed their morning, but then that sound of laughing in the other room and us decompressing just makes it all worth it.  Happiness. Togetherness. Family.

My heart grew 3 sizes today...I'm crazy about my kids.

Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy your day... from everyone here at BYB.

-Robert Casey, CEO & Writer for
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