Monday, December 22, 2014


 "I've watched how the Yankees have operated in years past, and I just don't know if a long term deal with DRob is something the Yankees want to do. "  

That was written on these pages, August 8th, 2014. Needless to say, we all kind of knew it was over then, but as a fan, you hold on hoping the Yankees would spend alittle, offer something to a guy like David Robertson.  That didn't happen, and DRob is long gone by now, wearing his black pinstripes in Chicago.

And now we look forward to what happens next with the Yankees pen.  Right now there is Dellin Betances and newly acquired Andrew Miller.  Both are qualified to handle to closing role.  But what are the Yankees thinking?  Who will be the closer?

(In Photo: Mike Stanton)
It's my opinion that they should have had that solid closer with Miller and Betances and almost build their bridge as they did during the dynasty.  Jeff Nelson, Mike Stanton, Graeme Lloyd, Mariano Rivera anyone? It was solid and it was a bridge that kept all hitters on their toes.   We seemed unstoppable back then.  Can we get back to that?

The Yankees were reportedly looking at Jason Grilli at one point. But now, according to the New York Post, they are no longer interested:

"The Yankees have not said they are done adding pieces to a revamped bullpen, but it doesn’t appear veteran reliever Jason Grilli will be joining the cast.

'We talked to Cash [Brian Cashman], and he said ‘not at the moment,’ ’ said his agent, the former slugger Gary Sheffield, when asked if the Yankees were interested in the right-handed Grilli, who has 50 career saves. 

'We will sit back with the offers we have and wait.’ Referencing the 38-year-old Grilli’s ability to pitch in multiple roles, Sheffield is puzzled why the Seton Hall product isn’t in the Yankees’ plans."

It's a good question.  I don't know the answer.  Grilli is no doubt qualified to be the closer for the New York Yankees, but the price has to be right. It's evident the Yankees don't want to spend big either. Or, maybe they are looking to hold onto big money for a guy like James Shields... a starter, and a guy that could definitely help out our rotation, but who really knows... this Yankee off season is a big puzzle.

Many are suggesting that Dellin Betances should be the guy. The next Yankee closer. Well,  I'm going to take another angle on this.

Based on experience in the Bigs, and the Yankee still grooming Betances a bit, I think Andrew Miller should close. Yup, I said it.  Keep Betances where he is... keep him dominant there.  Then, when the 9th inning hits, bring in the lefty to close and shut down the competition. 

Look. Everything happens for a reason, and it all started with David Robertson leaving the Bronx. Now doors open and there are some interesting questions about who gets that closing role.   I say Andrew Miller. Who do you say?

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