Friday, December 19, 2014


There is a new development in the Alex Rodriguez Biogenesis ordeal.

We are all aware now that ARod made a statement to the DEA for a limited immunity. The deal was that ARod give them a complete and truthful statement about all his involvement with Tony Bosch, Yuri Sucart and anyone else in connection with the now defunct Coral Gables clinic. He admitted to his usage of human growth hormones, and even described the methods that Bosch taught him to avoid failed drug test.

It seems now that ARod was not completely forthcoming with the information he provided for the DEA. According to the Miami Herald ARod met with Jorge Velazquez, the steroid supplier, on a number of occasions. In his report, ARod only mentions one meeting, when he first met Bosch. The statement made by ARod says he was uncomfortable with Velazquez's presence at the meeting, and asked Sucart to ensure that he wouldn't be at any further meetings. The Herald tells a different story.

"In fact, Velazquez 'arranged' the first meeting in Tampa, boosted about Bosch's credentials and met with Rodriguez numerous times after that gathering, according to the report of an independent arbitrator for Major League Baseball. Velazquez collected thousands of dollars in steroid payments from the ballplayer to deliver to Bosch, too." 

Remember, the deal he cut relied on his honesty. If it turns out that these allegations are correct, and he withheld information from the DEA, he may be compromised as a witness in the DEA case. It could put the entire immunity agreement on the line. Even though it was an omission, and not a lie, the stipulation stated he needed to provide them with all information he may have had.

Look, I am not sure how much, if any of this is true. I do know that I will be keeping an eye on this story. If the immunity agreement is compromised, it will be interesting to see how exactly that will effect him going forward into the 2015 season. Stay tuned!

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
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