Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Suzie Pinstripe wrote a piece recently when David Phelps was traded.  The piece was called THE TRADING OF ANOTHER #41. It was laced with a real passion for a player, something we encourage here at BYB.  Do you ever believe in a player so deeply that you just want them to succeed? Then, sometimes things change and that player is no longer in your favor team's uniform.  It can sometimes be devastating.  I understood Suzie 100% and loved her piece.

Well, since that piece appeared on our pages, we had plenty of solid reaction.  I wanted to share that reaction with you all. Check it out:

Doug Stroup wrote:

David Gianatasio wrote:

"I'm old enough to remember the Seaver deal. A shocking, stunning bit of Mets lore, to be sure. Steve Henderson was a gifted player, a Bernie Williams skill set, but he never really lived up to his potential. Tom, of course, just kept rollin'. (At least the Mets got Kong back some years later.) Sorry, but I can't see comparing that deal to the Phelps trade. Phelps was a nice cog in the machine ... but he was in no way a franchise player or even a key piece of the puzzle. (Letting Robertson get away was more stunning, to my way of thinking.) The Yanks did get some value back for Phelps. It's a decent deal. That said, it wouldn't shock me if Phelps won 20 games some year in the future ... or if he sputtered with injuries. Time will tell."

Mike Darwin wrote:

"I get being attached to Phelps, but in the end I suspect this will be better for him. Going to the NL, in a pitcher's park, with a team that historically will let young players develop. I think this trade can help the Yankees a great deal (though it might also end up a bust), but either way I wish him the very best."

Danielle Nicole wrote:

Mike Kirk wrote:

"I followed the kid ever since I met him out here in Arizona. Was really happy to see him doing good. Good luck to David in Miami."

There you have it, a few thoughts on David Phelps.  Fans will be fans, and the best part about BYB readers, they're real fans and understand that baseball is a business as well as a game.  Sometimes moves happen.  Sometimes true fans aren't happy about it... and sometimes on BYB, we need to express it.

Great piece by Suzie.  Great comments by our readers... the best readers in the world.

By the way, be sure to check out Suzie's interview with Phelps when he was with the Yankees...

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