Monday, December 8, 2014


The decision is reportedly coming tonight, maybe even tomorrow... and if you are a Yankee fan, you have to understand that Lester's not coming to New York.  Not unless sometime tonight Cashman rents the house next door to Lester in Atlanta, bakes a pie with $150 million in it and delivers it to his door as a "I'm new to the neighborhood" gesture.  Yup... he's been know the do it, but Cashman isn't this time.

Jon Lester wasn't coming to New York yesterday and he sure as hell wasn't coming to New York last week.  It was rumored he may have been only because there was a "Mystery team" involved.  Read OH GREAT... IT'S THE "MYSTERY TEAM" BIT. Thank Gammons for that.

Truth be told though, the Yanks were never truly involved in any discussion for Jon Lester.

Now comes word that he has decided to reveal who he'll sign with tonight... like... any moment now maybe... Or, maybe even tomorrow.  Truth be told though, it's coming.

The "finalists" are the Cubs, headed by Theo Epstein... and the San Francisco Giants, the World Champs.  In the end, Boston, the place I personally thought he'd wind up was not in the finals.  John Henry must have just shit the bed on that meeting this past weekend in Atlanta with Jon, huh?

 How do you mess that up? 

Lester is checking loyalty at the door for a new avenue apparently.  There is nothing wrong with that... especially if there's a boat load of money attached.  I have not one bad word to say about this young man.

Anyone who can overcome cancer and turn into one of the most wanted Free Agent lefties in baseball is alright in my book.  Lester's a winner and a gamer, no matter what.

When Jon signs, you will know because baseball insiders everywhere will be fumbling over reporting it first on Twitter.  We however won't.  We'll just report it when we can.  It's not brain surgery ladies and gentlemen... it's baseball.

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