Friday, December 5, 2014


Big day in Yankeeland! We just scored lefty Andrew Miller.  Now, let's see what's next for the Yankees. Possibly David Robertson? What do you think?

According to Jack Curry, the Miller deal is done:
Major signing for us, no question.  Having lefties is Gold! You gotta love that.

Many are wondering if DRob's coming back.  Many are wondering why we gave Miller a 4 year deal.  Well, the deal is not worth nearly as much as what DRob is reportedly asking for, and that's appealing to the Yankees. 

Should DRob try and get back to the Bronx? I think it's a smart move. Yankeeland likes him, but now it's clear, he's got competition. He may even feel like he was shafted.  It just goes to show, the Yanks don't wait for players and DRob just found out. Anger will build but it shouldn't.  DRob belongs in New York. He should come back, reduce the price and lock in!

According to Cashman, the Yanks have no problem with DRob:
We'll have to see how it goes now. Come on DRob, come on home.

In the meantime though, we have Andrew Miller ladies and gentleman... Big Move!

It's Miller Time!

Hey Andrew, Welcome to the Bronx!

OK... I'm going to dinner... Nobody do anything until I get back!

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