Saturday, December 6, 2014


Today was the first day I was actually able to get out there and shop for Christmas.  Let me tell you something;  I would rather my kids just ask for gift certificates and traveler's checks or something.  The day was insane and at about 5 o'clock, it felt like midnight. I'm dragging right now. 

After watching what the Yankees did yesterday, signing Andrew Miller and acquiring Didi Gregorius, I was in the Christmas spirit.  I had to buy some stuff!  Much of it was for my family, some for my writers and I can't believe how many people were out there doing their thing. The Tri-state area was madness!

I wasn't the only one shopping in my family.  My old man called me a few times with questions about gifts for the kids.  He even went as far as emailing me, "What the hell are XBox points?" Yup, we're in a digital world these days, aren't we?  No matter. I described what they were and I think he grasped it. 

One of the biggest sellers this year are Jeter jerseys.  I mean, it makes sense, but who the hell doesn't have a Jeter Jersey by now?

I was able to pick up the Disney Infinity 2.0.  It's a staple.  They have Super Heroes now.  Had to get that for the brood. And as I'm standing on line in the Toys R Us, grabbing for my rewards card, I'm thinking "What am I missing? Who are the Yankees signing today? Am I gonna blow it not being able to update the BYB audience?" Well... I picked the right day to shop! Nothing happened.  It was quiet. Thank goodness for me.
The holiday season is meant to be about relaxing with family.  Enjoying each other, giving, sometimes getting.  But it's a stress.  It really shouldn't be though.  I mean, seeing my kids on Christmas morning all excited, is fun for my wife and I.  It's getting there that sometimes stinks. 

Sure, our kids don't deserve everything they ask for, so my wife and I give them some special items, only for Santa to totally make us look bad on Christmas morning, but it's that moment when their faces lights up as they see through the rip in the paper of what they got.  It's cool.  I enjoy that moment.

I'm rambling now, but here's the good news about this time of year; Besides the hustle and bustle of Christmas.  The Winter Meetings are coming up.  Brian Cashman said he still has work to do.  You have to think he'll make progress next week too.  My money's on Max Scherzer or Jon Lester, even though I don't actually think the Yanks "are in" on Lester at all.  I've said it once and I'll say it again, I believe Lester will go back to Boston, where he belongs. 

Even John Henry flew down to Atlanta to see him personally.  You know that's a meeting that the Sox must have.  Could the Yanks sabotage that? Sure, but again, I really don't think they're in on the lefty.   We'll have to see.

What's this post all about? Holiday Shopping.  For me, for you... for the New York Yankees.  It's stressful, but it shouldn't be. Christmas... and baseball should be fun.  Don't take it so seriously.  It's about happiness.  Sometimes my kids don't get what they want... and sometimes fans don't either. But then, one day you look at what you have and you realize that thought went into your gift, and there's that glimmer, and you realize you'll manage just fine with it, or him. 

Sometimes players shine. Didi included. Sometimes certain gifts become your very favorite too.   In the end, it's the thought that counts.  Cash gave up Shane Greene yesterday.  Sure, not your first choice, not mine either, but he did.  We get Didi Gregorius, a 24 year old who's hungry.  Fans wanted a move, we got one and the first thing angry fans say is... "He can't hit lefties! or "Why the hell are we giving away Greene?"  You know who else couldn't hit lefties? Curtis Granderson. You know why we gave away Greene? Because he had value.

Now look; I'm not saying Didi has the power. I'm saying with alittle work, alittle practice and alittle support from us fans, great things could happen.  He was a gift, and to some mediocre at best, but Didi Gregorius is a New York Yankee and I feel great about it.

In closing, my friend Paul asked me about Didi yesterday.  I simply wrote this:
Don't compare. Accept him. Didi will be great.

Merry Christmas.

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