Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Sometimes life happens and sometimes there are hard choices.  Yankeeland wanted to eventually see Slade Heathcott and Jose Campos make it to the Bigs... but it never happpened.

According to Joel Sherman, Slade, Campos and lefty David Huff were non-tendered. In other words, they were cut loose...
Just to explain to the newbies on BYB who are wondering what non-tendered means, check it out:

"Non-tendered means that an arbitration-eligible player was not offered a contract by their team. A non-tendered player becomes a free agent available to sign with any team."

Thank you The Internet has everything.

In tomorrow's lesson, we'll do an in-depth lesson on Respect.  It's fascinating.

In all seriousness... I wish those guys the best of luck.  As Ty Hensley's mom once told us:

"Marci Hensley: I do know that making it to the majors is more about a bunch of factors such as health, opportunity, and work ethic coming together.  That doesn't happen in one season with kids coming out of high school. It takes some time..."
That always stuck with me and it's so True. Many factors, plus you want to get there and stay there after that.  It's all these players ever work for. It's tough and fans don't get it. Great words from a great woman.

Good Luck to those guys!

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