Monday, December 15, 2014


YES Network will have Chase Headley on Yankees Hot Stove tonight at 7pm to talk about his recent signing with the New York Yankees.  Awesome! He will be interviewed by our buddy's Bob Lorenz and Jack Curry, the Starsky & Hutch of YES as well as Chad Jennings of LoHud!

No more information than that, but clearly it will be a great interview. There are a ton of questions that need to be asked.  I'd start with Headley's back concern.  How's Chase feeling? Is there worry? Sure, we know he'll say everything's fine, but that's the biggest concern for Yankee fans.

The other question I'd like to ask is why the Yankees?  We all know Headley loved playing with Jeter, but now Derek's retired.  Why did he want to come back?  What were those negotiations like?

Look ladies and gentlemen, I like Chase Headley, but there are a few things to think about:

1. Will his back hold up for 4 years? I love Chase's glove. Defensively, he's terrific for our club, but I don't want the guy hurt. I also loved his energy in the fall for us. Just electric. 

2. You have to wonder what happens to the kids. Rob Refsnyder. Jose Pirela.  You have to assume that with a guy like Martin Prado, another guy who we loved last fall, he'll play more second base than the newbies because of his contract, but in the back of my mind, I am hoping the Yankees understand that the kids need to be groomed.  It's my guess that the Yankees are opening their eyes a bit and maybe they will be willing to change the way they handle their young personnel. Maybe even giving Refsnyder or Pirela more of a shot and Prado could be strictly utility. We will have to see.

Hey, whatever man... I clearly worry too much.

Anyway, be sure to check into the YES Network at 7pm tonight for the Hot Stove interview with Chase Headley. 

Welcome back Chase... good luck to you in pinstripes!

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