Thursday, December 11, 2014


I like that.

If you didn't know, Dan Haren was traded to the Miami Marlins.  Well, Haren isn't pleased.  He issued a statement about it. Kenny Rosenthal of FOX Sports put it out:
He goes on to say:

"...I will have to evaluate my options carefully before making any decisions.”

In the end, and probably out of spite, Haren would retire. I mean the reality is, Haren's been pitching for a long time, he's slowing down these days and he could hang it up and enjoy his remaining days as a decent pitcher in Major League Baseball and enjoy his family now.  Bottom line though, he didn't want to be away from his family for the length of the season, he didn't want to uproot his family and he's probably pretty annoyed by the trade. 

At the same time, you, as a player need to realize this is the business you are in.  It's a struggle, but I like Haren taking a stand.

As Hardball Talk had written of the controversy, saying the following:

"The Dodgers have agreed to pay the remaining $10 million on Haren’s contract whether he retires or not. If Haren pitches for the Marlins in 2015, he gets that money. If he doesn’t pitch, the Marlins will get it."

I have mad respect for Haren in this case.  I found this story interesting and wanted to bring it to you.

Meanwhile... the Dodgers are making things happen, huh? 

What have the Yankees done for us lately?

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