Thursday, December 11, 2014


If you don't know already, I read Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record nearly every single day.  I also have seen him sing.  The guy is very talented, both writing and crooning.

Every chance I get, I like to give Pete a plug, especially if I know he's going to be singing at the Carnegie Club in Manhattan.

My wife and I have been to see Pete. We walked into the the cigar bar and suddenly I was in a different time.  You're immediately surrounded by rich mahogany and a haze of cigar smoke looks amazing in the dim lit room.  We found a seat and watched Caldera, always in the tuxedo, do his thing.  We ordered a few drinks and I even had a cigar and relaxed.

Pete Caldera can sing! And I wanted to make you know that he will be at the Carnegie Club Friday night, December 12th. TIMES ARE 9PM AND THEN AT MIDNIGHT!

Dress accordingly and plan to enjoy yourself.

Look, I don't do this for everyone. Pete's special.  On a personal level, I've been reading him for years, even that occasional time when he was writing for the Mets.  Both he and YES Network's Jack Curry were my staples for a long, long time. Curry was with the New York Times by the way.  These days, I'm happy to say that I know these guys.  For Pete, well, he's one of the nicest guys out there.  Never the self promoter, always the hard worker.  And so, this plugs for you Pete... Go get'um!

Friday Night, the Carnegie Club in New York City.  Be there and enjoy!

  Be Read. Get Known.

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