Saturday, December 27, 2014


I recently received an email from a true Yankee fan.  I asked him if I could publish the email, because it's an amazing rant with true feelings about how he feels right this moment about being a Yankee fan.  He didn't respond and do, I am publishing it anyway. I will not use his full name.  

This is a truly passionate letter and it needs to be read by everyone. 

Check this out: 

"I just turned 63. I am a lifelong Yankee fan. I am disappointed and angry with the sons of George. George attacked the sport of baseball with a fervor that very few liked or understood. Later we learned what he wanted and how nothing would get in his way. He paved roads to the championships with stars, personalities, and money. 

I think the sons want something also. I think they are milking the tradition of the pinstripes to methodically trade off the talent for less taxes and expenses. 

They want the cash without the effort. They have a new stadium that will bring in the fans for years. 

They have the monuments that will bring in the fans. I believe this what they plan to make money with...After all, how many years will it take another team to catch them World Series titles? 

It is obvious to me that they are not a competitor. It is obvious they are not trying to be the best. They had the best prospects in baseball just a few years ago. Where are they now? Not in Pinstripes. This became apparent to me around the time when Eduardo Nunez failed the shortstop test. I really wanted him to succeed, but when the brass make up their mind... it seemed the future on the diamond became secondary. Everyone became expendable.

With Derek Jeter gone now, the Yankees have no identity. They are a team of players, some former great players, that go out and play the game. Who is the face of the Yankees now? Would a computer game want to put the picture of any current Yankee on their newest baseball game?  I trade baseball cards. The current Yankees don't sell well. People are happy to see the Yankees lose and it seems that the Steinbrenner boys don't care.

Yankee fans deserve better.

Thank you for your time,


That's true passion and frustration ladies and gentlemen.  Take it in.

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