Sunday, November 2, 2014


The World Series is over.  My last image of the series is how Madison Bumgarner held his team together to beat the red hot Royals who had a Cinderella post season.

The Royals are a team filled with youth and heart and I think they will be a team to contend with next year.  Enough of this... let's get to the really important stuff.  As my mind now shifts to other things, the biggest question for me and perhaps you is who is staying with the Yankees for the 2015 season and who is on his way out?  

I have my eye on Dellin Betances as our new closer.  He has big shoes to fill but I think he's the guy to fill them.  So the biggest question for me is, will David Robertson accept an offer from the Yankees to stay?  I think the Yankees will offer him something, but will he take it?  I'm not sure.  He may want to test the waters of free agency.  Robertson did pick up 39 saves in 44 attempts and could prove valuable to any team.  Not sure he will accept the Yankee offer, but according to"The Yankees will almost definitely extend Robertson the $15.3 million qualifying offer. He'll take it because that's more than he'll get in a single year elsewhere and because rejecting it will hurt his market value. (John Munson/The Star-Ledger)"  I guess we will wait and see what happens.  My prediction is he goes. 

I am so upset and afraid to say this but I think Chase Headley is on his way out.  I can't blame him. With ARod coming back, unfortunately, he is too good to sit the bench behind Rodriguez.  He wants to play third base everyday.  And he should.  I would like him to be at third as I have been really impressed with his skill set and drive.  The Yankees will offer, but I am not sure he will bite unless he's going to play everyday instead of back up to ARod.  

I also think we will lose Ichiro Suzuki because we under use him.  He still has a lot to give but we don't give him the chance.  According to, "Ichiro believes he's capable of filling a bigger role than the Yankees gave him in 2014. The Yankees? Not so much."  I for one will be sorry to see him go.  He has grit and we are sorely missing that on the team currently.  

As far as starting pitching, Hiroki Kuroda has pitched his last baseball in the major leagues.  I think he will retire, leaving a void in our rotation.  Will the Yankees fish for one of the big three free agents in Max Scherzer, James Shields or Jon Lester?  I hope so, but who knows.  My favorite of the bunch is Scherzer as I feel like Shields is overrated and Lester belongs back in Beantown.  I also think we keep Brandon McCarthy. He has proven himself during a very dismal Yankee 2014 season.  He was consistent and steady.  And we need that kind of person on the hill.  

Just so much to do this off season as far as rebuilding.  I am hoping the farm system produces some guys who will make the team and bring some youth to the aging Yankees.  They truly are our future and that's where the biggest investment has to be. 

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Senior Staff Writer
Twitter: @suzieprof


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