Friday, November 14, 2014


Many of you have noticed a box on Bleeding Yankee Blue that says BYB Hub.  Many are confused.  A nice woman who’s been reading us since the beginning actually sent me an email panicking, 

“What are you doing? Are you getting rid of Bleeding Yankee Blue? Are you trying to kill me???”

Well, I’m flattered, and I can say this to you with full confidence… I will not kill you, and no, we’re not dissolving BYB.  

I had a dream about a month ago.  It’s the first time I ever got up and jotted something down so I remembered it in the morning. I wasn’t some brilliant idea, but it was a neat idea I knew could resonate with my readers and it would definitely be used a tool for new baseball bloggers.

I was thinking about all the hard work many of you new bloggers are putting into your sites and you’re just not getting read. Mainly because no one knows about you.  Well, What the BYB Hub is, is a place where people can go to discover new Yankees and baseball sites and learn about you and your work. In other words, on your own, people may never find you, or at least, maybe not right away.  If we are all together as a team, on one platform, there’s a better shot.  The BYB Hub is one stop shopping for Baseball readers.

Look, when BYB, Greedy Pinstripes and Section 36 started our sites, there wasn’t a place to go to find us.
We stayed up late many nights trying to get our site some eyes on it, and trust me, it was hard as hell.  These days  though, we have alittle clout, and when I reached out to those sites and asked them to join me on this free site and fun venture, they didn’t hesitate.  

Now I know what you're thinking, and no I'm not trying to capitalize on you. Sure, I’m the founder of BYB and the BYB Hub, but the Hub is not a pay site and I won’t make a dime. What I will do is promote your website for free.  Over time, we’ll put ads on the BYB Hub. Those ads will promote the blogs on the Hub only. Just another way to get the word out, “We’re new baseball blogs, we want you to check us out as the alternative.” Hey, that’s what BYB did. It’s what Greedy Pinstripes andSection 36 did, but we did it individually.  The Hub presents us all to the reader, it's a package, strength in numbers.

If you’re a new blogger and want some exposure and you write about baseball, the Yankees or any baseball team, we want you!  Reach out to me on Twitter or Send me a message on Facebook.  Do NOT email me about the Hub. I won't respond.  We’ll get your blog on our site right away.  The only thing we ask in return is that you place our BYB Hub graphic on your page linking to the Hub.  This way there is a give and take, a cross promotion if you will.    We will place your site in one of 3 section; The Pros if you're well on your way,  the Rookies, if you are new but "not quite there", and the Prospects, meaning, you're brand new, but you have the fever for the fight of baseball blogging.   As you gain popularity, you’ll move up the ranks.

Hey, it's an idea, it's an alternative and it just might work if we work together.
It's the BYB Hub, "Start as the underdog. End as a champion."

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