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No, I never said Troy Tulowitzki was "gonna be a Yankee."  What I said was my source said he could be, and that my friends is the problem with the rumor mill. No one reads the stories... they only read the headline.  Then... suddenly, it's fact.

Here's the reality. BYB was the only one on the "Troy Tulowitzki could be Bronx Bound" train the past 3 weeks, and that's because we had a rock solid source who revealed to us that someone in the Colorado Rockies camp said they wanted to present a list of prospects the Yankees had and try to flip Troy for them. Oh yeah... and there was another catch... they were also looking to unload a bunch of Troy's salary with that. BYB reported that, and even expressed that on the surface, that idea from Rox camp was absolutely ridiculous.

We wrote: SOURCE: "TULOWITZKI TO THE YANKEES..." from November 14th.

In it was a text I received from my source that read: " "Troy Tulowitzki  to the Yankees might actually happen.... It's one expensive gamble. Top prospects and alot of salary."

(In Photo: Rob Refsnyder)
From there, BYB was able to confirm the names the Rox wanted: Greg Bird or Rob Refsnyder, a pitcher "MLB Ready", like "Shane Greene", and Luis Severino.  Right there, I found it to be outrageous.  Then I was thinking about "a lot of salary" and whatever that meant, and we stated many times on BYB, that that kind of deal for Troy Tulowitzki was not only suicide... it was madness and NOT happening.

Today,  for some reason, that's news.  Andy Martino of the New York Daily News wrote:

" Tulowitzki’s elite abilities are obvious, but the Yanks are sending clear signals that they have no interest whatsoever in assuming the final six years and $114 million remaining on the shortstop’s contract."

That wasn't a confirmation ladies and gentlemen... it was a "strong indication", or, a guess.

I mean, it's an educated guess. It's also a guess that you and I have already formulated on Facebook and Twitter when we chat about the off season.  The idea of picking up "a whole lot of salary" for a guy with a bad hip probably isn't a good idea. Yet, today, I was asked about my "still thinking Tulo was coming to the Yankees." Really?
I also wrote recently that if the price was right, and maybe we traded away 2 lesser prospects, took on $40 million or less, maybe THEN a deal for Tulo makes better sense.  But Bleeding Yankee Blue in the month of November never stated that we "knew Troy was coming to New York." What is true is that my source got a pretty good whiff that Tulo was about to be shopped from his source in Rockies camp. But don't forget, BYB was unclear if the Rockies ever even presented an offer to the Yankees. We still don't know.

That brings me back to the Martino piece... " Further complicating the situation, rival officials who have spoken with the Rockies in the past two weeks have come away with the impression that Colorado will not trade Tulowitzki...."

That is NOT what my source stated at all!  We know Tulo's trade-able because our source said the Rox were planning a package to trade for, and Tulo was the "prize".  That, my friends is just my source versus Martino's source... not wrong, just different sources... in other words... the rumor game.

Here's more: "... the Yankees remained privately steadfast in the position that they had no interest in assuming another veteran contract -- even if that contract belonged to one of baseball’s best hitters when healthy, and a guy who idolized Jeter, and detoured to New York to watch his hero play this summer."

Here's the thing with that final statement;  I believe the Yankees aren't interested in a big veteran contract any longer, but just read BYB every day for that indication.  We firmly believe that the Yankees are close to done giving long contracts to players, or, when it comes to Tulo, taking on his big salary for a whole lotta years.

If they did, the Yanks would have figured out a way to trade for Elvis Andrus of Texas already, who, at the end of his contract would only be 34 years old.

No, at the price the Rockies would be willing to part with Tulo, it's way too high and not worth the risk.  If the price came down substantially, the Yankees should go for it though, but it would have to be a very, very sweet deal... with the Rockies taking on a whole lot of that Tulo salary.

That's the only way it would work, and that's the only thing we have been stating here at BYB all along when the idea of Tulo "perhaps" coming to the Yankees came about from our source.  Giving up prospects, and taking on a ton of salary these days are NOT what the Yankees want to do... but you don't need Andy Martino of the Daily News to tell you that.  You read BYB ... and you're all very smart baseball fans with common sense.

Oh yeah... and Martino's a "Baseball Insider" too. That title cracks me up.  Aren't we all at this point?

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