Saturday, November 22, 2014


If you read the headlines today around the Yankee blogs, or even legit publications, Jason Grilli and the Yankees are getting cozy.  Well, this is how rumors start.  That's not the case at all.   Read the original content first... then then you'll know the true story. 

The reality is, Sweeny Murti of CBS Sports floated the idea of Jason Grilli coming to the Yankees... but there's 2 things that you need to know when you read it. For 1, it's a scenario or a back up plan... for 2, DRob's a priority:

"Should the Yankees end up losing Robertson, they will be looking for another bullpen arm, even if it’s not specifically as a closer. There will be a long list of names to consider should that happen, especially once the non-tender guys hit the market next month. One name that has already been discussed by Yankee brass and likely will be again if necessary is Jason Grilli.

Grilli is a well-traveled 38-year old right-hander who was an All-Star closer for Pittsburgh in 2013, but tailed off and was traded away in 2014. Grilli, a local boy from Seton Hall, pitched for the Tigers against the Yankees in the 2006 Division Series. He faced just one batter in the entire series, retiring Gary Sheffield on a ground out in Game 1. Why is that even slightly interesting? Because Sheffield is now Grilli’s agent."

THAT'S IT. No truth to the rumor that the Yankees are interested. In fact, the Yankees are interested in bringing David Robertson back but understand he needs to check out the marketplace, read HERE, and read Cashman's quotes:

"The one thing we do have a feel for is how good of a player he is, how good of a person he is, how great of a competitor he is. In the New York environment, he’s not afraid. He checks every box off. He came in behind Mariano Rivera. [It was a] seamless transition. That’s certainly no easy task. All those things obviously went into our level of comfort, despite being a reliever, of offering that type of number. Great deal of respect and obviously we’ll engage him now in the marketplace.”

So, I ask you... you're a Yankee fan, you're smart.   When did we suddenly take a leap to Grilli? Sweeny floated a backup plan. This isn't a rumor with legs ladies and gentlemen.  DRob is still in the mix, let's not give him an exit so soon. Let him go through the Free Agent process... THEN, if things don't work out, we look elsewhere.

As far as I'm concerned... DRob's the priority... Grilli's the fallback. Write that down...

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