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As a kid, your parents tell you to work hard and you can own the universe.  Work ethic is a good thing in a person’s life.  It separates you from the rest.  You work hard, you climb the ladder. And sometimes, you get a lot of money thrown at you in the process.  With that, comes whatever you want. WHATEVER YOU WANT. For athletes, it’s the parties, the women, the cars and homes and sometimes other temptations that you probably need to stay away from.  It doesn’t always work out, especially if you’re a kid when all this happens. When you're a kid with millions, it can be dangerous. You need to stay grounded, and that ain't easy.

I was taken by a photograph by TMZ from the other day.  It was of Giancarlo Stanton and he's holding a bottle of champagne bigger than a small dog, and nicely breasted women are all around him.  They seem to be having a good time.  After all, Giancarlo just signed a $325 Million contract with the Marlins.  That’s 13 years with the club, a club that will no doubt not be able to afford much more to surround him on the field. But it doesn’t matter… they have Stanton… and Stanton’s a millionaire.  Stanton doesn’t care, he got his.  

Now look, this isn’t a hate piece. I like Stanton alot. I appreciate his talent and I wish was a New York Yankee for crying out loud.  Moreover, it's my opinion that if you can make bank, you should do it. Stanton is. But I’m looking at these pictures and I'm wondering what the backlash would be, if any.  You see, my mind wonders.  After all, I remember for Alex Rodriguez, the downfall for him wasn’t PEDs first… it was him signing a monster contract with the Texas Rangers.  

That was the beginning. That was when hate toward ARod started, and I remember it was pretty vicious.  Before we knew anything about PEDs, Alex Rodriguez was a Greed-head.  The Rangers wanted a franchise player and they got him. ARod was a millionaire, doing whatever the hell he wanted, and much like Giancarlo Stanton, he didn’t care, he got what he wanted.  But let's face it... there is a doubt standard here, isn’t there?  Stanton will skate.  "Stanton worked for it and earned it. It’s the American Dream."  Alex was a selfish player who stepped in shit and now he was a rich asshole in 2001.  

Now, I’m going to ask a question, and put yourself back in 2001.  Before PEDs accusations… before the Yankees signed Alex… the question is this… What’s the difference? 

Look, I’m not an ARod fan. I liked his talent for years, but never collected his cards.  I wasn’t a Nomar Garciaparra guy either.  I was an Derek Jeter guy.  That being said, you can’t sit there and tell me that there’s a difference between Giancarlo Stanton and Alex Rodriguez.  That’s because there isn’t. They are the same player, same contracts, just a decade later.  

(Courtesy: The Bergen Record)
I was looking at the list of 5 of the guys who signed big contracts over recent years.  Miguel Cabrera is loved in baseball. He signed a $248 million deal, 2016 to 2023.  

He beat his wife. He drove drunk… but he’s loved and if you asked some… “he learned from his mistakes.”  I’m not here to criticize or accuse him for being a scumbag. I’m asking a question.  Why does he skate?

The others on this list are Robinson Cano and Albert Pujols.  Both nice guys. Both solid teammates.  Both worked hard to get their contracts. Congratulations.  I have no beef with any of it.  Although, we all know the story about Robinson Cano and his son in the DR.  Again, not pointing fingers… just asking the question… many of these big time stars skate… Cano, Cabrera… Stanton for signing the biggest deal in Baseball history, why do they get off scot-free? Meanwhile, Alex Rodriguez got accused of being greedy and a selfish player back in his Texas money grab of 2001. It's weird. I don't get it... and I'll never get it.  

But it’s the American Dream… and Stanton made it.  It's allowed for some... not not all.  

There's a double standard ladies and gentlemen... and it continues to haunt Alex Rodriguez for his entire life. Sure, the PEDs these days don't help one bit. But what about ARod in 2001?  I guess I'll just never understand. 

Enough wondering... Time to make my own successes in life…

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