Monday, November 17, 2014


to Canada... eh?

That's that bit.

Big news out of Pittsburgh and more importantly...Canada. Russell Martin is going back there.  He's a Canada native.  He just signed a big deal with the Toronto Blue Jays.  Here's Jon Heyman with that:
Good for Martin. He'll make $82 million.  Martin is a good catcher, but I'm not quite sure he's worth that contract.  Then again, if you can get it, why walk away?  Plus, he gets to go home.

And I love this article too. I was reading Bucs Dugout about the Martin deal.  I found this interesting.  They wrote:

"As much as I would have loved for the Pirates to re-sign Martin, I would have criticized them if they had signed him for $82 million. Every bit of evidence suggests Martin will go downhill at some point in this deal. The Blue Jays know they aren't likely to get much value out of the fifth year of this deal, and probably not the fourth either."

I agree 100%, Charlie Wilmoth.

Anyway, a former Yankee that I wanted to make sure you knew about... carry on.

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