Monday, November 3, 2014


The Yankees will make a qualifying offer to David Robertson for the amount of 1 year, $15.3 million.  We knew this was coming.

David Robertson will probably decline that offer.  That's me speculating... and there is nothing unusual with me saying that.  That's because it's business.

According to the New York Daily News:

"...those receiving the offer having one week to accept or decline. The Yankees will extend a qualifying offer to David Robertson, though it’s unlikely the closer will accept it. A league source said no less than six teams are interested in the righthander, who is the premier closer available and thus should command a multiyear deal.

Players who decline the qualifying offer are allowed to continue negotiating with their former team, while the team will receive draft pick compensation if the player signs elsewhere."

Here's the reality ladies and gentlemen, and we've seen this for years. While David Robertson loves being a New York Yankee, he has never had that opportunity to hit the free agent market and who are we to tell him not too.  You do what's right for yourself and your family in a situation like that.  Fan favorites Nick Swisher and Robinson Cano have done it in recent memory... again, it's not a bad thing, it's just business. I reminded you all of this in THE YANKEES MIGHT BE WILLING TO PART WITH DROB. DRob needs to think about his future... and so do the Yankees.

I want David to stay.  I'm sure many of you want him too as well.  But we just need to see how it breaks down and we'll try to keep you informed best we can.  

Stay Tuned...

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