Monday, November 24, 2014


Today, more than ever, Yankee fans have spoken!  We don't like NOT being the center of attention when it comes to the free agent market, and this morning we were. The Red Sox swooped in and signed 2 free agent stars.  We however... did nothing... and many of us are annoyed.

I read notes from people today on Twitter and Facebook. "Fire Cashman!"

"We're gonna F**king suck!"

"What the hell is Cashman doing????"

Here's my favorite ridiculous one... I read "Are you kidding me? The Sox get Panda and Hanley and we get Galvez?"

I'm sorry.... Wait???

What the hell did Jonathan Galvez do besides signing a minor league deal with the Yanks? The Yanks are trying to piece together an infield.  Sorry if the timing was bad on that one, but Galvez has nothing to do with the deals the Sox signed. He's just a kid with a dream who got a big opportunity.  If you ask me, the Red Sox spent way too much and gave too many years to a guy like Ramirez. Maybe even Panda.  Plus, the Yankees were NEVER contenders for Pablo in the first place. Is it sour grapes or do you just like to rip on Cash anytime a free agent is signed? I'm not sure I'm getting the hate today... or at least a small portion of it.

Look, if you read BYB, we're not too big on Ramirez in the first place. We've written about Ramirez a lot here.  Mike O'Hara takes charge on that one usually, and wrote about him extensively when he wrote FOREVER YOUNG, saying:

"Both Ramirez and Tulo are pricey and often hurt... I don’t want Hanley. I’d rather let the kids in the system earn it. We all root for the rooks. It can happen like it did with Bernie."

When it's written less wordy than I, and with passion like it is above, and you insert Bernie Williams into it, it makes perfect sense! Passing on Ramirez was the right thing to do. 

We can't be jealous that the Red Sox scored Panda, let's hope it back fires. It's a good move, but whatever man, it's baseball in the free agent market. It happens. 

Instead of crying about it, let's send an important and calculated message Cashman's way:  Instead of telling him that he should be fired or he sucks, why don't we remind him that we pay a helluva lot of money to see our Yankees all season, and his job is to get players to help us win.  While he did that with Brian McCann, Masahiro Tanaka and Jacoby Ellsbury last season, let's remind him that this is a new off-season, and the idea of getting a guy like Chase Headley RIGHT NOW, is kind of important.  In fact, he's gotta get it done ASAMFP!

The market has spoken when the Sox signed Kung Fu Panda, and now things will move rapidly.  If we don't get Chase locked in quickly, there is no doubt in my mind that the San Francisco Giants WILL snatch him up.  They have the money now... Panda's gone.

I don't get too crazy about Brian Cashman. I know a lot of you do... I get it and you're allowed, you're a fan. But don't forget, Brian gets us the players. It was the players he got that didn't do much for us in 2014 and in the passed, they kind of shit the bed in the playoffs.  But, does it mean he should get more to improve the club?  Hell yeah. You need to better your club and no one knows that more than Cashman.  He will make a splash, but he's not gonna do it blindly.

He does have to do it quickly though. There are quality players, pitchers out there that need to be snatched up, and we have to money to do it.  I pay a lot of dough to bring my sons to the ballpark to see their heroes.  I don't go often because it's expensive, and it's expensive because we sign big time free agents.  Did we need Panda? No, probably not, but we DO need Headley.  We do probably need a pitcher too... maybe a Max Scherzer. But, we need to also do something that we did for years during the dynasty.  Bring up the kids too! Sprinkle them in. 

Bring up a Greg Bird and Rob Refsnyder.  Mix them in with a Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner.  Treat Tyler Austin to a call up and let him hang with the likes of CC Sabathia and Mark Teixeira.  Mixing in the youth with high level veterans is the perfect formula for a championship.  We did that a few times a while back.... we should do it again.

The message to Cashman is clear... Get off your hands. Make some calls and let's get moving. The market has spoken and now things will move quickly.  You have your list... go get who we need. Let's do this!

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